Sunday, October 22, 2017


Hairy Woodpecker enjoying a tree by our cabin. 
After a hearty breakfast we made our way to an area we have never visited before, Limberlost Forest. We had decided to hike around Buck Lake, 8.5km. We didn't see a lot of wildlife but it was a very pretty and enjoyable hike.

Buck Lake
Small waterfall along the trail.
We went back to Cedar Grove for lunch, and then went in to Huntsville to explore the shops. After returning to the lodge we enjoyed the dock just below our cabin. To just sit with a coffee in such peaceful surroundings and watch the couple young Loons that were around was so relaxing.

Our dock.
I could of sat here all day.
This young Loon entertained us.
We had a delicious dinner that evening, and took another walk around the grounds to enjoy the stars, this time before bed. It was a great day.

Saturday, October 21, 2017


Our cottage, "Red Robin" at Cedar Grove Lodge.  
Rob and I have been enjoying vacation this past week. The first part of our vacation we spent 4 days, 3 nights in the Huntsville area at Cedar Grove Lodge. It was our first time there, but I don't think it will be our last. Beautiful surroundings, lovely private cottage, and 3 meals a day included!

It was overcast when we left Toronto last Sunday morning, and it was raining heavily when we arrived in Huntsville. Oh well, we made the best of it by having lunch at a local restaurant and doing a bit of shopping at a mall before heading to Cedar Grove to check in. (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

We made it!

The Main Lodge where the dining room, lounge and reception are located.
Time to check-in.
Our cottage!
The bed was very comfortable. 
It was wonderful having a real wood fireplace.
Sitting area.
I loved how the cottage was decorated in a wildlife theme.
Our porch.
After we got ourselves settled we enjoyed a delicious 3 course dinner in the dining room. You have the same table your entire stay, which I loved. It was like they knew me, we were in the corner by a window and I could over look the entire diningroom.

Our table. 
It was still very over cast as the sun set, and cloudy when we went to bed. I happened to wake up a little after 3am. I was curious to see if the clouds had cleared and they had. I could see lots of stars from the window! I miss being able to see a sky full of stars every night. I asked Rob if he'd come for a walk with me to look at the stars. He did. So, for probably a half hour between 3:30am - 4am we walked around the resort grounds enjoying the stars. We kinda crazy like that.

The "Big Dipper".
It was hard to capture the beauty of the night sky, especially without a tripod, but I asked him to take this anyway.

Ok, back to bed for a few more hours, we have a full day tomorrow! 

Saturday, October 14, 2017


The Cake Topper. 
Thanksgiving weekend was a very special weekend for a couple of reasons. First, our friends, Dave and Andi got married, and second, I got to meet some more of my extended family.

In case you are not in the loop, Andi, who I have been friends with since February 2012, discovered that we are actually 5th cousins earlier in the year. Friends to family!! You can read all about that great bit of news here. 

Now, back to last weekend. I've pondered how I was going to write this blog all week, as it's not really my story, but theirs, but I will share my part in it.

Dave started planning this happening long before he let Andi know, and I was excited when he asked for a bit of advice from me, though he worried I'd blab to my cousin. I didn't by the way, I kept that secret. Like Rob and I, they wanted a small, intimate and casual ceremony. Thanksgiving weekend was the chosen weekend, as her parents would be visiting and her brother and sister-in-law moved to Toronto this past summer. I believe this is only the 4th time they have all been together in many years due to her brother living all over the world for work.

When Andi called me the evening of August 28, I knew by the excitement in her voice that Dave had finally let her in on his "plans". When she asked if Rob and I would be their witnesses, we were honored.

They got married the morning of Saturday, October 7th in their home, followed by a lively brunch at Cora's. 
Rob and I doing our part.
Paperwork complete!
A very happy group. 
The marriage/Thanksgiving celebration dinner took place on Sunday, October 8th.  And what a celebration is was! We started with Champagne and appetizers.

Followed by a beautifully presented and delicious meal. (click on photos to enlarge)

The menu
Andi always sets a beautiful table. 
Beautiful decorations. 
Even the kitties had place settings! 
The main course. 
A delicious feast.  
Wedding cake for dessert!
Cutting the cake. 
I honestly don't remember enjoying a Thanksgiving weekend more. It was one of those weekends that I will always look back on fondly. It was wonderful to meet my other cousins and play a part in Dave and Andi's special day. We enjoyed great conversation, delicious food, wonderful company and lots of laughs.

Big congratulations to Dave and Andi!