Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Beautiful Ruby-throated Hummingbird.
I don't think there is another backyard bird that gets me as excited as a Ruby-throated Hummingbird. We don't get them every year, and we don't see them regularly, so when they are around we really appreciate it.

I've been seeing this handsome fellow for a little over two weeks now, usually in the evenings when Rob is at work. He has his favorite branch to preen on after feeding. This past Saturday he was around quite often allowing Rob to get a few pics of him.

Excuse me, I'm eating here. 
His favorite spot in the pine tree.
I've been really careful with his feeders and sugar water this year after learning about the fungus and disease that can kill these beauties because of black mold. Wash your feeders regularly with nothing but hot water, change sugar water 3-4 times a week, daily in humid conditions, and remember it's 1/4 Cup of Sugar to 1 Cup of Boiling Water (let cool). Keep them healthy and enjoy them while they're here! 

Friday, July 24, 2015


Ready for the short ride to the vet.
Last Saturday we took Merry & Molly back to their first home, the Royal York Animal Hospital. It was time for their second round of shots and a check up. From the moment we walked through the door we could feel the love for them from the staff. Everyone came to see them, to hug them, pat them, they are truly loved there.

We found out more about their grim start in the world. I was wrong in my original blog post thinking they were a couple weeks old when Toronto Animal Services brought them to RYAH, they were only 2-3 days old, their umbilical cords still attached. And three kittens were brought in, they had a brother, he didn't make it. They are known as the "Wonder Kittens" at the clinic, for beating the odds and surviving. I am so grateful to RYAH for stepping up to help these kittens. I know when I watch them play, run around and sleep so soundly, I should think how lucky they are, but I don't, I think how lucky Rob and I are to have them.

Cuddles from Judy.
Dr. Allen was Meadow's vet, and will be Merry & Molly's as long as he's there.
Glad that's over!
Hey! Whatcha doin?!
Checking the teeth.
Listening to her heart.
Wore her out.
Parting gifts and more hugs for the kitties when we left.
Check-ups went great! They are looking great, at a good weight and we all left happy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


"Merry, get in here! I hit the jackpot!" ~Molly
For the first two weeks after bringing Merry & Molly home we didn't let them in the kitchen. The living-room and the hallway to upstairs was a large enough area for them. All that changed a week ago Sunday, when we opened it up to them to play and explore.

The kitchen is also where our budgies, Misfit and Moonie spend the day. We have decided the new additions will only be allowed in the kitchen when we are home and can be supervised. We have taken measures to ensure our budgies safety, installing a door between the kitchen and living-room area. We did notice quite quickly that the kittens only want to be in there when we are.  Everything was new and exciting in the new room!

First meal in the new room.
New places to sleep.
Watching their favorite nature channel, the cricket tank, wears them out.
Uncle Steve doing some kitty proofing.
"Don't worry Molly! I will kill the evil blue stuffy!"
"Get it Merry!"
"Die stuffy die!"
"I will destroy you!"
"Mission accomplished." Now she needs a nap.
So many adventures a head of us, like keeping them off the counters, off the table, and outta the cupboards!