Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Our 2015 Christmas Tree.
We decided not to put up the large Christmas tree this year. With Merry & Molly still young, playful kittens, we decided we didn't need the bother of trying to keep them out of it or knocking it over.

I had bought a small table top tree for my office at work years ago, and decided that we would use that as our tree this year. I can honestly say the kittens didn't bother with it once, and I put it out well before Christmas, November 15th to be exact.

Sleeping in the glow of the Christmas tree.
Not having a large tree did cause one little issue....where to put the gifts? I got an idea from the toy drive at work. We wrapped the outside of a large box and kept it in the room our budgies sleep in. (Merry & Molly do not have access to this room). We put the gifts in there and brought it out Christmas morning.
Presents under the tree.
Molly was impressed with the large kitty toy.
They both preferred the box empty.
The Christmas box worked well, but I am looking forward to having a large Christmas tree again next year, even if it does mean a few broken ornaments and kitty chasing.

Monday, December 21, 2015


Last week, while riding the subway to work, I was talking to a friend and mentioned how much I still had left to do for Christmas. We were talking about the different things that had to get done, and she casually mentioned. “you don’t need to do it”, when I was trying to figure out when I was going to get my baking done. I thought about that statement long afterwards. Why do I feel the “need” to do certain things every Christmas? If I didn’t make Seafood Chowder, bake Christmas cookies or send Christmas cards, would it really matter? I thought about this for a long time.

Most of us remember the Christmas’s from our childhood fondly, and the foods and traditions that we had at that time of year are very important to us. Christmas changes as we grow up, people move away, loved ones pass on, and people marry and have families of their own, and start their own Christmas traditions.

Those “chores” that I feel I must do every year at Christmas time is the string that ties me to the Christmas’s I had as a child, they provide some familiarity, comfort, and a sense of home. So, to answer my own question, "yes", it does matter, even if it only matters to me.   

Rob and I have started our own Christmas traditions and they complement the traditions I carry on from my childhood. I may huff and puff a little every year about all the stuff I have to do at this time of year, but as Rob reminded me yesterday, I love this time of year and all the Christmas craziness that comes with it.  

Tomorrow is my last day of work until the new year, and I am looking forward to all the festive fun this time of year has to offer and sharing a bit of my Christmas traditions with friends and family.   

Merry Christmas to you and yours, and all the best in 2016!

Saturday, December 12, 2015


One of my favorites. Xmas Eve 2012.
If Meadow could of talked, I think she would of stood up on her hind legs and yelled "I LOVE CHRISTMAS!". She really did seem to love this time of year, and the closer December 25th gets the more I miss her.

I met Rob in January of 2004, when Meadow was just 6 months old. He didn't have a tree the month before and Meadow's first Christmas probably came and went without any changes in her daily routine. All that changed when I entered the picture. Right from the get go she seemed to enjoy all the fun and festivities of the season and was involved in all aspects of it in the house. Oh the excitement of the tree and finding that one ornament to bat at every year. In her later years she seemed to enjoy sleeping under or near the tree. She always assisted Rob with his wrapping and how she loved to play in the mess of the paper after gifts were opened Christmas morning.

We didn't know that last year would be our last Christmas with Meadow, but because of a health scare she had earlier that year, we took more pictures of her at Christmas and felt a little more grateful that she was with us to celebrate.

I spent 11 Christmas's with Meadow, and looking back at all the pictures over the years has brought me to tears and made me laugh out loud. Oh Meadow, you were something else. Please enjoy a small collection of some our Christmas's over the years.  

Having a tender moment after the tree was decorated. 2010 
Christmas morning 2011.
How they loved each other. 2012.
Supervising  the Christmas baking. 2012
Is that one for me? 2013
Sleeping by the tree. 2013
Empty boxes, the best part! Xmas Day 2013  
Helping Daddy wrap. 2014 
Santa's little helpers. 2014
Christmas Eve 2014
Waiting for Santa by the tree. Xmas Eve 2014
Playing in the Xmas wrap for the last time. 2014
Christmas will be different this year, not just because Meadow isn't with us, but because this is our first Christmas with Merry & Molly. Like Meadow's first Christmas, they won't have a tree to play in this year, as we choose not to put one a big one up. We will always miss Meadow, but we are looking forward to the amusement Merry & Molly are sure to bring us come Christmas morning, and that will ease the hurt a little.