Thursday, September 6, 2012


A huge surprise in the yard this past Monday.

I, without a doubt, believe in life after death. This faith I have in the fact that our spirit goes on after our bodies have died has helped me deal with the grief of losing my Mom. I also believe that sometimes people who have passed on visit us in dreams or let us know that they are still around in other ways.

I've been looking for a sign from Mom since she passed, and there have been some times when I thought I may of had one, this past Monday it happened again.

Late Monday morning I was doing some tidying up in the second bedroom where I store a lot of things when I came across a letter my Aunt had wrote me and sent me with a pair of hummingbird earrings from my Mom before she died. My Mom was too weak to write at this stage of her illness.

I had put the letter and the earrings away the day I had received them, and had forgotten about them. I sat on the bed reading the letter and looking at the earrings, and asked once again for a sign that she was still with me.

A few hours later Rob and I were in the backyard hoping to catch a glimse of the Snowbirds who were performing at the CNE when another winged wonder stole all our attention and caused lots of excitement.

A female hummingbird was in our backyard, we hadn't seen one in the backyard in over 2 years!!!

A hummingbird, hmmm, imagine that.

Maybe it was just a coincidence that a hummingbird happened to show up THAT day, but my heart tells me another story.