Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I couldn't of been more delighted to hold "Seamus", a Barn Owl.
Sunday afternoon the Canadian Peregrine Foundation held their "1st Annual BBQ & Corn Roast". Staff and volunteers from all over Southern Ontario were on hand to share pictures and stories, but the real stars of the afternoon were the educational birds of prey that reside at "The Barn", where the BBQ was held.

Entrance to "The Barn".
Mark, Co-Founder of CPF giving an opening speech.
People enjoying the BBQ.
It was fun to mix and mingle with other like minded people, and it was great to meet some new friends from the FaceBook group CPF has.

The highlight for everyone was getting a chance to see some of the educational birds of prey out of their enclosures. They seemed to be enjoying the BBQ as much as the rest of us!

 Here are a few of Rob's pictures from the day;

"Alex", Great Horned Owl.
"Solo", Bald Eagle, look at those legs!
Myself, Tracy and "Bubo", an European Eagle Owl.
Tracy is the main caretaker at the barn, she has devoted herself to these birds, she is a shining star in our eyes.

Rob's favorite shot of "Seamus" from the day.
They held a 50/50 draw during the BBQ, and I won! With my winnings I "adopted' two of their owls, Seamus for me, and Boo (Bubo) for Rob. I was thrilled when Marion (Mark's wife and Co-Founder of CPF) asked me if I wanted to hold "Seamus", who is lovingly called "Shammy".

I have to explain why this was such a thrill for me. Well, it's a thrill holding an owl any day, but this was special.

When we volunteer at the barn, we are there to work and don't spend much time interacting with the birds. I have only seen and heard Seamus in his enclosure, and when I'd walk by, he'd do his "territorial stomp" and make a most unpleasant noise. He'd just be letting me know I wasn't welcome.

Sunday was the first time I had got to see him out of his enclosure and he was like a completely different bird! He was relaxed and seemed to enjoy all the attention! Rob had witnessed this behaviour from him before and told me about it, but it was a joy to see for myself.

Someone's got our attention over there.
        Rob and I had a great day, and we look forward to next year's BBQ.


BIGFRANK said...

Hi Angie. It was a great time for sure. Wonderful shots for wonderful memories of the day.

Teena in Toronto said...

Excellent picture of you and Seamus at the top!