Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Molly enjoying some leash time in the backyard.
It's hard to believe tomorrow is August 1st. July seems to have flown by. We spent the majority of our free time in the backyard, where most of the following photos were taken. I also attended a concert this month, and we got social one Saturday, and spent some time in someone else's backyard!

Always a joy to have the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds visit.
We had some hot, hot, HOT days in July. Hard to have any energy in the extreme heat. 
Monarch in the garden.
Black Swallowtail and a bee enjoying the "Bee Balm".
I interrupt this peaceful nature moment to attend a rock n roll concert.......

VIP Meet and Greet with Tesla July 20th.
When Brian and I decided to attend the Def Leppard concert in Hamilton this year we did the VIP package for opening act, Tesla, who I have been a fan of since 1986. This was only my 3rd time seeing them, the first time being in 1988 just days before my 19th birthday in Halifax, and then not again until 2015 in Toronto. I don't know if it was the drinks with dinner, but I was pretty calm unlike when I did the VIP Meet and Greet with Def Leppard in Vegas back in 2013. It was great to have a few minutes of music chat with the band, very down to earth, friendly guys, I hope to see/chat with them again.   

Now, back to the backyard.

Papa Cardinal feeding one of his young. 
A clearer shot of them both.
Rob and Merry having a cuddle. 
Rob and I also spent a lovely afternoon in a friends yard in Hockley Valley, where we were treated to some delicious eats and great company. We hear it's a yearly event, and we look forwarding to being yearly attendees.
Enjoying a lovely afternoon in someone else's backyard. 
July was pretty memorable, but I have a feeling August is going to be pretty good too!

Friday, July 19, 2019


A female deer keeps an eye  on us, probably a fawn hidden in the grass close by.
Rob likes to remind me how much I complained the first time we went for a walk at our "Sunday Spot" a couple years back. I do remember whining and bitching about how it was too hard for me with my arthritic knee. But now I can't imagine not going for this regular walk, and my knee feels fine. Turns out as long as I'm not over doing it, the walking is great for my knee, which is more motivation to go.

It's not about the birds when we go for this walk, though we always see some. It's for me to kick start my fitbit walking week, and enjoy whatever we may happen to see.

Please enjoy a few photos of some nature sightings we've had so far this month. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

A fledgling Warbling Vireo
So adorable, I watched him for a while, a parent was bringing him food.
A Monarch Caterpillar feeding on Milkweed leaves. 
A Monarch Butterfly on Milkweed.
Mamma Swallow keeping watch in one of Rob's boxes. It was a successful nest. 
I got pretty excited when I spotted this American Toad, we don't see them often.
Wonder what we'll see this Sunday?