Monday, March 1, 2021



My first and only Snowy Owl sighting this winter.

March 1st marks the first day of Spring in the meteorological calendar, and also in the birding world as well, for those who list their birds seasonally. I do not remember ever being happier to turn a calendar page to a new month as I was this morning.

I handled the first lock down much better than this past one. The last two months have seemed like a year long. I only left the house the last four weeks to go to work for a few hours every Thursday morning. I worked and hibernated at home the rest of the time, even forgoing my daily walks around the neighborhood and our regular Sunday morning nature walks. I spent my free time binge watching the Food Network and Netflix. 

I knew it was time to get moving again and got out for my first Sunday nature walk in weeks yesterday. I was  rewarded with my only Snowy Owl sighting of the winter. The turn of the calendar page this morning has made me feel more optimistic about the rest of the year, vaccines are starting to role out, migration is only a few weeks away, and the warmer weather is on it's way as well.

A coyote we saw on our walk yesterday. He was gone quickly when he realized we spotted him.

Another shot of the Snowy Owl seen yesterday. 

Even though this summer may not be "normal" again, I am looking forward to being able to enjoy our backyard once again, and the wildlife that visit us. It's time to shake off the cobwebs of the last couple months and start enjoying my life again, as best I can under the circumstances.