Wednesday, December 23, 2020



Male Northern Cardinal in our Holly Bush.

I was going through some photos on my phone today and thought I would do a photo blog of the last few weeks. Rob and I were on vacation the week of  November 30th to celebrate our 8th anniversary and to get organized for Christmas.

Long-eared Owl

First day of vacation was pretty exciting as I spotted my second ever owl in the wild! The first one I found was a Long-eared as well. Great start to vacation on a nature walk.

Hand-feeding a female Northern Cardinal. 

This was pretty cool and a first. We went to a lakeside park to hand feed some Chickadees and this beauty landed in my hands. 

Red morphed Eastern Screech Owl at a park close to home.

Merry & Molly are now 5 years old, so we thought we'd try setting up our large Christmas tree this year to see how it would go. Molly has a bad habit of eating foreign objects, so we haven't had a large tree since we got them. 

We set the tree up on a Sunday afternoon, and put nothing on it to see how it would go. We were taking it down at 10pm the following day, as Molly thought the lights looked tasty. Not worth the worry, her health or a large vet bill. The living-room still looks festive, and that's what matters. 

It was pretty while it lasted.

The temptation was too much for her. 

Our little tree is up once again.

I couldn't hang this on the tree, so it's beside it.

The tree and stocking ornament. 

Our woodland Santa scene.

Our Three Wise Owls.

Molly being peaceful. 

I've really been enjoying this awesome cheese Advent Calendar!  

Merry & Molly were featured on "Santa Paws" on CTV News at Noon earlier this month. 

The Mandalorian

We also signed up for Disney plus while we were on vacation and watched The Mandalorian. I fell in love with Grogu aka "Baby Yoda".

The last few weeks seemed to have flown by and now here we are just two sleeps away from what is going to be a very different Christmas for us all. I am now on Xmas break and do not return to work until the new year. Rob will also enjoy a couple four day weekends. It will just be the two of us for the holidays, but we plan on making the best of it with lots of food, drink, nature walks and some good movies. 

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2021.