Friday, March 22, 2019


March 2019 marks 30 years since I moved to Toronto from Nova Scotia.

March was welcomed and has been going by in a bit of a blur. Work has been extremely busy, along with busy weekends. During this March whirlwind, I have got some downtime.

I took an extra long weekend to welcome the month, and enjoyed a one night getaway with a girlfriend to the Briars. It had been 5 years since the last time we visited, and it was nice to return for a little spa pampering. 

The Briars in the winter, perfect place for a Girls' Getaway!
For the first time in 5 years, Rob and I were able to attend Toronto Comic Con. We enjoy going to these events. We like the thrill of the hunt for comics we collect, seeing all the different collectibles for sale, but I think the main reason we enjoy it, is the cosplay.

The amount of time and work some of these people put into their costumes is amazing. You see so many different styles of outfits; Superheros, Disney Princesses, Harry Potter and Star Wars characters, the list goes on and on. Everyone is always great about posing for pics too. Please enjoy a few of my "phone pics" from March 16th.

Wonder Woman and Aquaman!

Jabba the Hutt - alot of people got their photo taken with him and made a donation to "Make a Wish" for doing so .
I like how some of the bigger cosplay groups like 501st Legion (Star Wars) and Ontario Ghostbusters raise money for charities at these events. 
Loki and Thor, Thor's costume lit up!

Our favorite cosplayer, Violet, and her other half, Howard. We  met Violet 5 years ago when she was dressed at Vampirella.

Rob with 3 DC comic characters, can you name them all?
Found 3 more Sabrina comic for my collection. 
Another busy weekend this weekend and then we have a week of vacation to enjoy for the last week of March and first full week of Spring!

Click Here for our last visit to Toronto Comic Con in 2014, it was epic!