Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The lavender fields were stunning.  
After following my friend's six week road trip out west and through some of the states on Facebook, I was craving a road trip myself. When she got back I suggested a mini-break over to Prince Edward County and she quickly agreed. As I've not yet retired, like her, it was a two day, one night road trip.

We left on Sunday, July 16th for beautiful Prince Edward County. Our first stop was the Lavender Farm. The Lavender festival had been the weekend before, so we knew the fields were still going to be quite lovely. I don't think either of us were prepared for just how gorgeous the plants were. The colours of the different varieties of lavender was breath taking.

Inviting to walk through. 
Pat enjoying the fields.
You could just sit and enjoy the fields. 
We enjoyed some Lavender Lemonade. 
One of the coolest things about the fields was the sound. The fields literally "hummed" with the sound of the bees doing their job pollinating. It was really awesome to hear.

The Bee Hives
The bees weren't the only winged creature enjoying the fields. 
The drying barn. 
Piles of lavender drying. 
Our second stop was "Lake on the Mountain" where we went for lunch. The GPS took us on a couple side roads where we were treated to clusters of Butterflies enjoying some puddles on the side of the road. We actually stopped to get a better look, and though we have no pictures of it, it was like a Disney movie with different species of butterflies flying all around us.

The restaurant is VERY popular and reservations are highly recommended. 

The Lake on the Mountain.
After a mouth-watering 3 course lunch we headed to our home for the night, The Waring House.

Our building, nothing behind us but lovely fields where they grow produce.
The grounds were quite lovely. 

The building pictured holds the dining room, most of the tables have a great view.
Bird feeders in front of the dining-room windows.
Close up of the female Pheasant. 
After enjoying a delicious 3 course dinner we walked back to our room. I had been disappointed that the night was over-cast and I couldn't see the stars, something you miss living in the city. But my disappointment was quickly forgotten when we were treated to another magical view, FIREFLIES!!! We saw loads of them, it was wonderful! The field behind our building, and really all over the grounds was popping with them. It's been a few years since I had seen them and I forgot how fun they were, like a mini fire-works show.

After a wine induced sleep, and another delicious meal, we were on our way. After visiting a couple of the cheese outlets, we drove into the quaint town of Bloomfield for a walk and a bit of shopping. We also enjoyed an ice-cream at Slickers. Our last stop before returning to the city was the famous, "The Big Apple".

Yummy ice-cream!
Do you believe it was Pat's first time stopping at the Big Apple?!?
I love my husband, and he is my favorite person to hang out with, but sometimes you just need a getaway with a girlfriend.

Friday, July 14, 2017


TTC Bus.
I moved to Toronto in March of 1989, and I have been a regular user of the TTC since that time. My daily commute to work for close to 9 years is catching the 79B bus at the end of my street, and taking it to Runnymede subway station, where I take the subway train downtown to work. Thousands of people do this every day, but I bet what happened to me today doesn't happen very often.

My bus came at 6:40am like every day, but when I got on, no one else was on the bus. I said to the driver, "I'm the only one?", which he replied with a half laugh, "I think a lot people took today off."

I went to my regular preferred seat, very back of the bus in the corner, assuming other riders would be joining me soon. This bus is usually very busy and sometimes standing room only. There are approximately 10 bus stops between mine and the subway station, and not one other person got on. I had the bus to myself the whole way to the subway! In over 20 years of using the TTC, that as never happened, and I told the driver that when I was getting off. He said it was a "special treat" and wished me a great weekend.

The whole bus to myself!
       It was the best bus ride ever! And I thoroughly enjoyed it, as it's not likely to happened again.

Monday, July 10, 2017


Celebrating Canada Day.
On July 1st, Canada celebrated it's 150th birthday. There were many events going on all over the city and in the GTA. I hummed and hawed about going to a few different events, but the closer the day got, the more I realized I just wanted to stay home and Rob was fine with that.

So, I celebrated Canada Day in one of my favorite places, our backyard, with my favorite person, my husband.

We ran a quick errand that morning, and then we spent the rest of the day in the backyard, and it was lovely.

We enjoyed a few drinks. 
We BBQ'd and had Rhubarb Strawberry Pie for dessert. 
Happy Birthday Canada!
Rob with Merry, Molly enjoyed the afternoon outside too.
Who needs fire works when you have sparklers to play with!
It was a great day in a great country, and I look forward to celebrating it again next year!