Friday, May 31, 2019


My first of the year Eastern Bluebird sighting wasn't until May 24th.
 Our other big day trip was on Friday, May 24th, when we visited The Carden Alvar area, near Kirkfield. Had some great sightings, including Eastern Meadowlarks and Bobolinks. 

I heard lots of Snipe, but only Rob saw this guy.  
Pair of Eastern Bluebirds, love the Prairie Smoke in the background.
I became quite enamored with these Steers for a while. 
Trying to make friends.
They followed me up the road til the fence ended after this. 
Spot the Eastern Bluebird!
Love the gorgeous blue on the Eastern Bluebirds!
And there goes an Eastern Meadowlark! We had many great looks at them and the Bobolinks.

Female Eastern Bluebird.
Savannah Sparrow.
New yard ornament being investigated by a backyard regular.
We stopped at the Kirkfield Restaurant on our way home for a late lunch. I fell in love with this little Buddha statue they were selling there, as it reminded me of the Buddha statue in the Flamingo Hotel's Wildlife Habitat in Las Vegas, where we visited often on our trip to watch the huumingbirds.

Thursday, May 30, 2019


It was great to finally get out and look for some birds!
AH! I needed that. Rob and I were on vacation the week of May 20th, and after dealing with some health issues for almost 3 weeks, it was great to finally get out of the house and look for some birds, as migration was starting to wind down.

As we were just in Las Vegas in March, this vacation was a mixture of day trips and time at home. It was nice to have the extra rest and relaxation. We enjoyed a couple dinners out, saw the latest Avengers movie with friends and of course did lots of birding.

Our first day trip took us to the Port Rowan/Long Point area, where after a great morning of birding we had a delicious lunch at one of my favorite spots, The Country Fork, it's a must when in the area.

Here's a few of our sightings from a great first day of vacation. (Click on the photos to enlarge)

Stunning male Scarlet Tanager, we saw a few this morning. 
The "Swamp Candle" aka Prothonotary Warbler, we saw a pair.
I also spotted this Blanding's Turtle. He's not alone on this rock, a Bull Frog is with him.
We didn't think our morning could get any better, and then the male Hooded Warbler landed in front of our car in the parking lot when we were leaving. He posed for a few minutes while Rob took a load of photos of him. I was already in the car and got out again to enjoy the view and his singing, the birds, not Rob's. LOL!

Very accommodating male Hooded Warbler.
He was singing so hard, his feather popped up!
As always, the backyard visitors are always welcome.

This guy is spotted using the bird baths to wash his paws quite often.
We had a few Ruby-throated Hummingbirds visit.
A  Nashville Warbler pair stayed for a few days, we were hoping they were going to nest close by, but they moved on. 
It was a great start to our week off.

Friday, May 17, 2019


We hosted over 20 Baltimore Orioles on a rainy and cold May 13th.
May is normally a great time for me. Spring migration is in full swing, and we normally go out birding for hours at a time and see not only our returning feathered friends, but also other birders we haven't see since last Spring.

This May has been different. I have been ill since the end of April. Was off work for 2 weeks and 2 trips to the hospital. Not going into all the personal details, but feel free to send well wishes my way.

While I was home, I wasn't off the couch much, but one joy I found throughout the day was watching the return of our feathered friends through our kitchen window. (click on photos to enlarge)

Our Baltimore Orioles returned May 7th.
We had 3 male Red-breasted Grosbeaks stop by, and 1 female.
"Papa" has returned for another year and has a lady friend again, babies are soon to follow.
New yard visitor this year, Orchard Oriole! We had a few around for about a week. 
Female Orchard Oriole  
May 12th and 13th were cold and rainy days, Rob put out extra food to help the Baltimore Orioles. 
It was hard to keep up with the demand.
So he made a "buffet" feeder to help, oranges and grape jelly for all!! 
We have a pair of Robins again this year. Wishing them a successful nest.
We have also had some warbler species stop in, I've only seen a Nashville and a Yellow-rumped, but Rob was super excited to spot a Blackburnian, new to the yard list. Our Ruby-throated Hummingbirds have returned as well, no pictures yet, but it was a joy to see them once again. Our backyard birds we're a bright spot during a dark time, I am grateful that they visit us.

The couple times I did manage a quick outing it was nice to have some first of the year sightings.

First Yellow Warbler sighting of the year, May 4th.
We also saw a Belted Kingfisher on this short outing. 
First of year Black-throated Green Warbler, May 5th. 
First of year Cape May Warbler, enjoying a bath. May 11th
First of year Northern Parula, May 11th.
Young Great Horned Owl, May 11th 
First Oven Bird I'd seen in a couple years, May 12th.
Great way to end an outing, pair of Eastern Screech Owls. May 12th
Rob and I are off next week, and I'm hoping I continue to recover so I can enjoy the next week off and get out there and see some birds!