Saturday, April 29, 2017


Always looking. 
This was my first full week back to work, it was pretty tiring, and my legs were quite sore by weeks end. But, I wanted to get out, even for a little while today to see if I could see anything new for Spring, and was rewarded with another couple first of year sightings.

The birding excitement actually started at home over my morning coffee from the kitchen window. I spotted a Red-bellied Woodpecker in our backyard. This is the first time we've seen this species in our yard, so we were pretty excited! Unfortunately Rob only saw it when it flew away, but I had some good looks through my bins. Also, we have White-crowned Sparrows in the yard at the moment, Rob had been seeing them through out the week, but today was the first time I did.

New yard species, Red-bellied Woodpecker! (Not Rob's photo, Google image) 
White-crowned Sparrows are in the yard this time of year.
Early afternoon we took a short drive to a park close to home where we saw a couple pairs of Wood Ducks. A first of year sighting for both of us.

Pair of Wood Ducks close to home.

They were both busy preening. 

After an early dinner we went out for another brief walk at a local green space. We were treated to an Eastern Bluebird sighting, first time for me seeing them in the area, and also had some great views of a Northern Flicker.

Male Eastern Bluebird, what a beauty!
Northern Flicker, always nice to see. 
With the rain expected tomorrow, I'm glad we got out for a little while today. A little birding is better than no birding.

All photos taken by Rob today except for the Red-bellied Woodpecker which is a Google Image.

Monday, April 24, 2017


Looking for birds!
Breaking your foot at anytime of year isn't fun, but when you're a birder, breaking a bone in your foot on the first day of Spring, just seems extra cruel.

I listened to my doctor and barely moved from my living-room for 3 weeks, giving my foot lots of time to heal. After a month off, I finally returned to work last Wednesday. I'm allowed to be a little more mobile, but have to be careful not to overdue it. I'm not going to lie, getting to work and home again is pretty much all I can handle right now. I am exhausted by day's end. Complicating matters is the fact that I shattered my left femur bone and split my left knee cap when I was 19 in a car accident. My left leg can't handle the extra weight of the boot-cast and trying to support my right leg.

I know Spring migration has started, and it's been frustrating not to be able to go out. This past weekend I finally got out to look for some early Spring arrivals.

Saturday we went to a park about a five minute drive from our home and I was on my feet for only about a half hour. We were treated to some great views of a pair of Great Egrets.

One of the two Great Egrets we saw.
I love watching the Ruby-crowned Kinglets flit around.
I also took the time to make the acquaintance of this lovely dog who reminded me of my childhood dog, George.

Making a furry friend.
I also had my first first of year views of female Red-winged Blackbirds, and Song Sparrows.

Sunday we went to a park a little further from home and I was on my feet for about 90 minutes. It may of been a bit long for the second outing as I am pretty sore today. I may get Rob to set up a lawn chair for me next time so I can take rests when needed, especially on uneven ground.

My first of year Warbler! Yellow-rumped Warbler aka Butter Butt!! 
Our friend Dave pointed out this Winter Wren for us.
Even though I wasn't out long this weekend, it was still good to be out. I'm in the boot cast until at least May 23, when I go back for X-rays. There will be no big birding trips this Spring, but we will make the most of what outings I can handle, and I will be sure to share them with you.  

Sunday, April 16, 2017


The Easter Bunny fills winter hats at my house.
When I was child, the Easter weekend was spent at my Nannie Levy's. On Saturday night before bed, my brother and I set out our winter hats before going to bed. We never had an Easter basket, and for years I thought every child put out their winter hat for the Easter Bunny to fill. We always got a little chocolate and candy, something to play with, and a new pair of sneakers or other needed clothing.

For the last few years I have been flying to Alberta to spend Easter with my brother and his family. I didn't go this year, as my oldest niece is in Cuba on a school trip, and Rob and I plan on spending Christmas there this year. I didn't know I was going to have a broken foot for Easter this year, but I am thankful I'm not traveling with it.

One of my favorite pics with my nieces, Easter in Alberta 2012.
Rob's been amusing me this weekend by partaking in some Easter requests. On Good Friday we coloured eggs. This is something I always do when in Alberta. And last night we put out our winter hats before bed to see if the Easter Bunny would come, he did!

Rob and I coloured eggs on Good Friday.
Have a wonderful Easter everyone!

NOTE: Looking back at older blogs I realized I had blogged about the "hat basket" tradition in 2014.