Friday, February 5, 2021



Yule Log for dessert, it was delicious! 

This past Christmas when the health officials asked us to only spend Christmas with those we live with, we did. We knew it was going to feel very different, but I wanted it to be special too. This was only Rob's second time not having Christmas dinner with his parents. The first being in 2017 when we flew to Alberta with my Dad to spend Christmas with my brother and his family.

I still had lots of turkey in the freezer for soups and pot pie from Thanksgiving. So when I saw an ad in my Facebook newsfeed for "Christmas Dinner for Two" from Encore Catering, I took a look. The menu looked lovely, and I thought the price was reasonable. After discussing it with Rob and having a couple questions answered from the company we decided to place an order. Rob doesn't get as much time off over the holidays as I do, so it was nice to really free up the day. I loved that they delivered, but our back-up plan if it didn't show up was pizza. I'm glad we didn't have to use the back up plan. 

Molly checking out the Christmas dinner box. 

All the goodies inside the box. 

The reheat instructions were perfect and easy. In the oven, not microwaved.

Table for two!

Everything was delicious and we even had a few leftovers.

I was in awe of the Yule Log and meringue mushrooms!

I added on a box of 4 Hot Chocolate bombs to our order. They were delicious! 

I will most definitely use this company again for catered meals for a special event or "just because", but next year I do hope we are all able to gather again around Rob's parents table for Christmas dinner.