Saturday, November 28, 2015


Happy but tired after returning home from their stay at the vet.
Merry & Molly turn 7 months old on Monday. They are almost adults now, and the time has flown by. They went in for their spay operation on November 2nd, and we were like two worried parents waiting to hear everything went fine, and it did.

Their operation was on a Monday and they stayed overnight. We picked them up Tuesday afternoon and spent the remainder of the week at home with them. They were fine, but trying to keep two young kittens from too much play time while they recovered was exhausting for Rob and I!

Molly's shaved belly.
It’s been almost a month now, and all is well and back to normal. It’s been interesting for us to watch their different personalities develop over the last few months. They may be sisters and very bonded, but they are definitely two very different cats with two very different personalities.

Molly is our “hippie". She’s a lover not a fighter, and we laughed when we found out Merry was teaching her how to hiss at the vet when they were there for their operations. Molly would prefer to purr, and when her motor gets running it can be very loud. Molly doesn’t seem to need or want much. She loves her food, to be brushed, lots of sleep and to be loved. She also has a fascination with the computer screen. She’s one very happy go lucky girl!        

Snuggles with Daddy.
I'd like to play with that kitty!
Merry on the other hand is a total “diva”. Everything from purrs to playing is on her terms. She prances instead of walks and has a fascination with water. She doesn’t seem to need as much sleep as Molly, and can play fetch as well as any dog, until of course she gets bored with you. When she does want your attention, she lets you know it and can be very loving.

I quite often find Merry in the sink. 
We are slowly seeing the kitten craziness slip away as they grow up, and that’s both a relief and sad at the same time. We are looking forward to a sense of calmness in the house again, with just a little Merry & Molly mayhem from time to time to keep things interesting.

Daddy's Girls

Always ready to play!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Rob was pretty excited about our visit.
Rob's drink of choice is whisky. He has a few favorites; Forty Creek, White Owl and Jack Daniels. These would probably be his top three and he drinks Forty Creek more than any other. I'm not even sure how he learned about Forty Creek Whisky, but he has been enjoying it for a few years now. It's made here in Ontario, and we have drove by the location where it is made numerous times without stopping in. On our way home from Niagara Falls a couple weeks ago we finally visited. We knew the tours weren't running that day, but we wanted to visit the gift store, and I'm so glad we did, and they probably were too!

Rob isn't a big drinker but enjoys a couple through-out the week. He has one every Wednesday after work, and "Whisky Wednesday" was born, much to the amusement of his Facebook friends. It's kind of taken on a life of it's own. Some nights others even join in an enjoy a drink themselves.

We spent quite a bit of time there chatting to the employees in the shop and learning about the product. I told them how I usually pick up a bottle of the special reserve blends for Rob every Christmas, and have tried some of the recipes on their website, to great success and I even caramelize onions with it. We will definitely be returning for a tour and maybe even attend one of their Whisky Weekends held in September.

The tasting bar in the gift shop.
We tried a couple blends. Just a couple, Rob was driving.
Me browsing the shop. We picked up quite a few things. It was fun to spoil Rob.
Rob in his new jersey about to enjoy a drink.
When he gets a new bottle of a blend he's never had before we always do a shot together, straight, it's tradition. Cheers!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Niagara Falls
Rob and I were on vacation the first week of November and spent a day and night in Niagara Falls. Merry &  Molly were  dropped off at the vet for their "Spay Day" (blog to follow on that) on the morning of Monday, November 2nd, and we were on our way. The weather was spectacular and we really enjoyed the drive, as we had borrowed Rob's Mom's car and could listen to Hair Nation on Sirius Radio.

We made one pit stop along the way, to The Owl Foundation, to drop off some carriers from a release Rob had done a few weeks before. We enjoyed a nice visit before heading on our way.

Bird Bird at The Owl Foundation. 
We arrived in Niagara Falls around noon, and were able to check-in early at our hotel, Four Points by Sheraton. Once settled, we made our way to Clifton Hill for some fun. It was on our walk to Clifton Hill that we received the call from the vet, the kitties were awake and recovering nicely. WHEW! We could now relax and enjoy our trip.

The Fall colours were beautiful and it was so warm that no coats or sweaters were needed.
Taken moments after the vet called, the kitties are fine! YAY!!!
 Rob and I had never experienced Niagara Falls together, so we wanted to do some of the classic stuff. We went to the Movieland Wax Museum, played  Wizards Gold, Ghost Blasters, and had three games at Strike's Rock N Bowl. We had a blast!

New York side.
Visit to the Hershey Store
Rob in the Coke shoppe/diner!! He thought it might blow up with him there. (he works for Pepsi)
Hanging with the Simpsons. 
These two looked so real!
Wizards Golf
RCMP Moose Chair
After dinner we were going to hit the casino, but we found out our hotel got the channel WWE's Monday Night Raw is on. So, we opted for the double whirlpool bath in our room to watch wrestling from. We did hit the casino, after breakfast at IHOP the next day. We made a deposit at the casino this trip.

We had a such a good time, we may make this a regular Fall vacation trip.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Dressed as a "Hogwarts" teacher.
Rob and I love Halloween. We enjoy dressing up, putting up decorations and giving candy to the trick or treaters. He had to work last year, so this year was extra special. Halloween is as much fun for the adults on our street as the kids. Most of the neighbors who hand out candy stay outside, and we all mix and mingle through out the evening. We also enjoy a few adult treats in the form of jello shooters and the like. The weather was great this year and fun was had by all!

Ready to hand out candy! 
Merry wanted a sniff of the goodies.
Merry wasn't scared of Rob's mask. 
Even Norbert got in the spirit.
Scary Rob! One little girl starting crying when she saw him.  
Our neighbor, Pat, loves Halloween.
Pat admiring Rob's new face.
The kids enjoy going to this house on our street.
The adults enjoy the jello shooters.
Me running around the neighborhood with a tray of jello shooters.
The "Zombie Disco" at the end of the street was a huge hit. 
Molly slept the evening away and Merry joined her once we went outside.
Feel free to stop by next year for some candy and a jello shooter! Hope you all had a "Happy Halloween"!