Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Whatcha mean I'm in the way?
I feel like we are in a real life episode of the "Twilight Zone". I know I don't need to explain myself, as no matter where you are in the world we are all dealing with the same thing, COVID-19. Life is very surreal right now.

This is my second week working from home. I am grateful that I can work from home, but I miss the regular routine. I miss the camaraderie with my team, my weekly lunch at my favorite sushi spot, and the bi-weekly coffee/tea social with co-workers. I do go into the office one day a week, but nothing feels the same right now. 

Even though I am working from home four days a week, I am trying to maintain my "normal" schedule. I still get up at the same time, I get ready for work like I would if I was going into the office, and when it's that time that I would normally leave to catch the bus, I leave the house and walk around the block three times before I come back into the house and login to work. Rob jokingly refers to this as my daily walk to work. I need to do this for my mental health. 

And then there is the worry. I worry every time Rob goes to work that he practices physical distancing, I worry about my Father in Nova Scotia who is in his 80's, has health issues and lives alone, I worry for my friends who are trying to balance working at home and caring for their children, I worry for my friends who have lost their jobs and have financial stress, I worry about having an unexpected health or dental emergency during this time. I know worrying about things I can't control is a waste of time, but it's hard not to.

I know this situation is not forever, and I need to keep reminding myself of that and role with whatever comes my way.

Excuse me Molly, but I need that mouse.
Even in all this darkness I find myself looking for the daily bright spots. Our pets are thrilled to have us home so much, it's nice to have lunch every day with Rob before he leaves for work. I look forward to the 7:30pm neighborhood nightly hand clap for health care workers and those few minutes of across the street chat with neighbors.

Our decorated door.
I asked my friends children to draw some pictures for our front door as part of the neighborhood window walk. It's nice to see the children's artwork in the windows and on the front doors when out for a walk.

I love Facetime!
I had a Facetime coffee date with my niece last Friday and we have another one scheduled for this Friday.

I feel a little bit of normalcy on the weekends, as Rob and I pretty much kept to ourselves anyway, but I know we are both looking forward to those things we all took for granted before; get togethers with friends, going to our favorite restaurants, holiday meals with family and shopping when and where we want. 

I know we will get there. We are all in this together. Reach out to friends and family when you need to, try to do something daily for your physical and mental health. Better times are coming. 

My new temporary work space.

Monday, February 10, 2020


Female Great Horned Owl
One of the things I love about being a birder is, that it really doesn't matter how long you've been doing it, there is always the opportunity to experience another first. 

Last night Rob and I visited a nearby park as we knew about a pair of Great Horned Owls nesting there. It didn't matter to either of us if we saw them, we were hoping to hear them call, as it has been years since we have heard wild Great Horns calling.

We arrived probably in the last 30 minutes of sunset and walked around the area we knew them to be. We hadn't heard anything, but suddenly Rob said he saw a "big bird" fly, so we walked that way. It wasn't long til we heard the call, and we were happy. We stayed for a couple minutes just listening to him, and we could now see where he was sitting. As we were leaving, I just happened to turn around and I spotted the female. The male had brought in food, flew off, then flew back and they had a "romantic" moment, and he flew off again. What an exciting thing to witness!

We were just hoping to hear them, and we did, but watching the courting ritual for the very first time made for a very memorable outing.

A mating pair of Great Horn Owls.

Friday, January 24, 2020


When I was doing some cleaning a while back, I started looking at the stuff around our home through someone else's eyes. I believe we were having company who hadn't been to our home before and I found myself wondering what they would think of the stuff they saw. Sure the family photos, the bird and wildlife stuff would make sense to friends, but then there are things on display, that if you didn't know the story, you might wonder about, like this plastic flower. It tells the story of love, loss and remembrance.

This white, plastic flower was the last Mother's Day gift I gave my Mom in 2011. She passed away eight months later, eight years ago today. She was on the brain floor of the hospital, which is scent free, so no real flowers allowed. It now sits on display in our home where I see it multiple times a day. The plan was to place it at her grave at some point. I've been to Nova Scotia 3 times since she passed, but I've not taken the flower, I'm not ready to part with it.

I think of my Mom daily, but there are some days that are a little tougher to get through, like today.

I have other reminders of my Mom around the house, and I have kept a bottle of Keith's beer, her favorite, in the fridge since she passed.

One of my favorite pics of us, June 2010. I had spent a week in Nova Scotia, and we came back to Toronto by train together so she could be here for my 40th birthday.

I will always long for one more conversation, one more hug and answers to questions only she would know.

I left the picture by the flower  for the first year of her passing. It's packed away now, along with all the cards I received.

I'm not a beer drinker, but today, like her birthday and Mother's Day, I will enjoy a cold Keith's, her favorite.  Cheers Mom! xo