Monday, November 13, 2017


Enjoying the view at Lions Lookout.
The last day of our "Fall Getaway", was Wednesday, October 18th. We headed into the town of Huntsville after breakfast to kill some time, as lunch was included in our package and check-out wasn't until 2pm.

I had found out that all the pastries and breads served at Cedar Grove Lodge were from a local bakery in Huntsville, so we went there first. If you are in the area, I highly recommend a stop at the Windmill Bakery. Delicious homemade goodness, a cherry pie and a loaf of bread came home with us. We also picked up a few mementos at the quaint gift shop next to the bakery.

After these two stops, we made our way to a scenic spot our waiter had told us about. Lions Lookout offers a great view right in the town of Huntsville.

The view from Lions Lookout was spectacular!
A Junco enjoying a bath at Lions Lookout.
After enjoying the view we headed back to the lodge to take another walk around the grounds before lunch.

Start of trail at the lodge.
Trail into the woods.
Cat Tails!
Close up.
We came across an old cabin.
It was even numbered.  
Rob said it was full of old car parts.
Also on the trail.
The Fall colours were stunning.
Enjoying the leaves.
There were many Red Squirrels around, and not one was interested in a peanut. 
We saw quite a few Butterflies during our stay.
After an enjoyable walk, we had one more delicious meal in the dining-room. After lunch we checked out and headed home with full bellies and some great memories.