Saturday, November 15, 2014


I remember the first time my BlackBerry rang, someone was calling and I had no idea how to answer it! Who calls anymore? Email, text and Facebook seem to be the way to stay in touch these days. I do all 3, I like the convenience, and having the easy connection with friends and family all over the country.

But something that use to be normal happened this week, and it had a ripple effect. I had girlfriends call me on my land-line a couple nights this week! I could actually hear their voices and their laughter instead of reading LOL.

I enjoyed these conversations on the phone so much, I telephoned other girlfriends throughout the week in the evenings, and called some family members too!

I enjoy social media, and text and emailing have their place, but having a good chat on the phone can do wonders, and I think I will start doing that a lot more.

NOTE: No blogs for a week or so, I'm on vacation and off for the fun and sun of Orlando!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Meadow checking out her prize basket.
Our veterinary clinic, Royal York Animal Hospital, ran a Halloween photo contest this year on their Facebook page. Customers were asked to post a pic of their pet dressed up and the top two dog and cat pictures with the most "Likes" won a gift basket.

I decided to enter a photo of Meadow and put the call out to our Facebook friends to vote. I knew right away that I wanted to donate the prize if we won, to Toronto Cat Rescue, an organization that a dear friend is quite involved with that helps find homes for rescued cats.

Meadow is pretty well taken care of (spoiled rotten), and being able to donate the gift basket to a worthy cause feels great.

"Princess Grumpy", the winning entry.
Overlooking her domain.
We bought a new hat for next year's contest.......