Friday, November 27, 2020



Our resident skunk checking out the new yard decor. 

It's hard for me to believe that in just a few short days we will be in the month of December. Some days the time seems to be crawling by, and others flying. October was one of those months that went by at a nice pace. Mother Nature put on a lovely colour show, and we enjoyed the week of Thanksgiving off for another stay-cation.  

We enjoyed many walks during the month of October and were gifted with many beautiful views.

Our regular nature walk spot was stunning

The colours were spectacular this year. 

I cooked a turkey on Thanksgiving Monday.

Table was set with my Grandmother's china. 

Apple pie for dessert in our house over pumpkin. 

A beautiful buck on one of our walks. 

A Great Blue Heron on another walk.

A new trail to explore.

Halloween was very different this year for us. We followed the advice of health officials and did not hand out candy, though I did make up treat bags for the children who live on our street and did porch drop offs after letting the parents know I would be doing this. We also used our friends three children in another neighborhood as an excuse to dress up and drop of bags of candy for them. That's called making the best of the situation. 

Candy filled bags ready for delivery. 

Happy Halloween!!

Rob had some fun with Merry.

I made sure we had some Halloween treats too.

Delicious donuts from The Box Donut, they deliver!

I hope Fall is being kind to you all.