Wednesday, May 3, 2023



What is going on in there?!?

Rob and I have been talking about giving the kitchen a face-lift for the past few years. The stars aligned this year when my preferred contractor had the time, and an unexpected financial windfall happened. 

On Sunday, January 8th the contractors came over to take measurements and discuss the plan. I didn't tell Rob this was happening until the day before, as I didn't want him to stress. A date was set in February for them to start and by March 1st we had a shiny new kitchen!

We wanted new flooring, cabinets, counter-top, sink and new paint.We ended up with a few extras and some new friends, who we're going to visit at the end of the month.

All emptied out.

Protect the internet at all costs!

We donated the china cabinet and got rid of the extension on the counter.

It was so empty it echoed.

Demo day!

Demo day!

Demo day!

My make shift kitchen in the basement. 

The kitchen reno was hardest on Rob. The contractors were here at 7am, which means he was getting up earlier, and they left at 2pm. I was at work during 99% of it, only taking a couple afternoons off when I needed to. Merry and Molly, who we were so worried about, handled it all way better then we expected. I think it helped that Rob was home with them, as he doesn't leave for work until 1pm.   

One of the things I really wanted was a designated food prep area, and I got it. 


Another angle.

The teacup on my floating shelf was my Mom's.



Moved the fridge and added a pantry.

After a month at his grandparents, Frankie is back in his spot on top of the fridge.

The hutch is where the computer desk use to be.

All filled up.
Did I mention how much I love my pot drawer?!?

New microwave stand as I didn't want it on the counter or in a cabinet. 

Randy made a pine frame and shelves for this built in area of the wall.

He also made this storage bench seat and I had a cushion made for it.

Then I had him make one for the cats! 

This Kitty Kat clock is still the only thing on the walls.

We still need to find a small dining set and redo the windows and coverings, but we are very happy with how it turned out and how smoothly it went.