Sunday, February 6, 2011


This beautiful "Long-eared Owl" flew by us today, and we were lucky enough to share a few moments with him and get a picture before he flew deeper into the trees.

Rob and I have been into "birding" for about six years now, and we never payed too much attention to "water-birds" until Valentines Day 2009.

We were enjoying lunch at Snug Harbour in Port Credit and we noticed out the window this small black and white duck swimming around. He was beautiful! And his head is actually a brilliant purple when the sun hits him right.

We didn't think there was much birding to be done in the winter months, but we've been learning that this is when a lot of very beautiful and interesting water-birds come down from the north to "summer" here.

We've also discovered the winter is the time of year you'll spot owls if your lucky enough!

Like the mailman, even the cold winter weather doesn't keep us "bird nerds" from venturing out to see what we can see.

A pair of Buffleheads.

A male Long-tailed Duck swims by trying to entice a female.

A pair of beautiful American Black Ducks.

A male Northern Pintail stood out amongst the Mallards.