Sunday, November 29, 2009


I am one of those lucky people who have never needed an alarm clock, I listen to my body, meaning I go to sleep when I'm tired and wake up when my body wakes up. I've been very lucky that this system has worked for me. I've always been an early riser, so being late for work was never an issue, because my body got use to waking up at the same time everyday, around 6AM, no matter what time I went to bed.

The system has a glitch. Rob changed shifts a few months back, and because he needed to get up at 4:30AM, we started setting the alarm clock. I started getting up with him, we have coffee together, I make our lunches, and it enabled me to get to work for 7AM, so I could leave earlier in the afternoon and avoid rush hours. Win-win situation.

The glitch? My body clock has adjusted itself, and I am now waking up just after 4AM ON WEEKENDS! This I am not so happy about, getting up this early on a weekend morning is even too early for this early bird. Saturday morning I was able to get back to asleep for another hour and a bit, this morning, no such luck.

I've already got supper in the slow-cooker, had my first coffee of the day and sent a few e-mails, and it's barely 6AM.

We were out to a movie last night, and didn't go to bed til just after 11PM. Five hours sleep is not enough for me to make it through the whole day, I see a nap in my future.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I find it rather interesting the things that stand out from my childhood Christmas memories, but this one doesn't just stand out, I'm able to carry it on.

My father worked for the same lumber company for most of my childhood life, and every year for Christmas the company gave them 3 things for Christmas; a turkey, a gift certificate for a grocery store, and a box of "Pot of Gold" chocolates.

Now, the first two things didn't interest me much, but the third one, well, that one always got my attention, not just because of my love of chocolate, but because it was wrapped.

Our Christmas tree was always up when Dad came home with these goodies and I remember rushing to the door to meet him when he got home from work to get the box of chocolates to place under the tree, it was always the first "gift" under the tree, and in my childhood mind came to mean something so much more, the official start of my Christmas season.

When I moved away from home, and had that first Christmas without my parents, it was just something I did, got a box of "Pot of Gold" for under the tree on tree trimming day and I've carried it on ever since.

Oh, the box of chocolates isn't always "Pot of Gold" now, as they were sold to Hersey a few years ago and the chocolates inside were changed, and not much to my liking, and the box of chocolates is only wrapped if it comes that way, but still, the official start to the Christmas season in my home is the day the tree goes up and I place a box of chocolates under it, as a reminder to me of my childhood, and a way to keep my family close at this special time, even if it's only in spirit.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Every year, Rob asks me for a few ideas of what to get me for Christmas, and I think of a few things that I would like and use, that I haven't gotten around to getting for myself.

I've been wanting an apron for a while, to protect my clothes while cooking and baking which I am doing more of now that Rob and I live together. I didn't want just any apron though, I wanted something cute and "girly", that I would enjoy wearing and look cute in!

I "Googled" aprons and found a lovely site, "Aprons by Julie". What a find! This was EXACTLY what I was looking for! I was so excited about finding these treasures I couldn't wait til Christmas and ordered one right away which arrived on Monday.

I love it! It's well made, I picked the design and colour, and she even embroidered my initial on the bib. I'm already thinking of ordering another one for myself!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Rob and I had a lovely week of vacation. We took the first week of November off last year and enjoyed it so much we decided to take it again this year and will probably continue to do so.

Our first full day off was Halloween and that is always a fun time around here, as we get into the spirit of things by dressing up and putting some decorations outside for the kids to enjoy. We had some friends over to take their son trick or treating, and spent some time outside chatting with the neighbors and enjoying way too many jello shooters.

Sunday morning we were off to beautiful Niagara on the Lake for the day and night. We did a bit of shopping, had a delicious dinner out and then went to Fort George for the last ghost tour of the season.

We spent the night at "Davy House", a beautiful and charming bed and breakfast that will see us as repeat customers. We stopped into a few shops in the morning and then headed home as we had plans that evening.

Monday night we went to our "bird store" owned by a couple we now call friends to help them decorate the store for the upcoming holiday season.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent at home mostly, except for running some important errands, like getting a new Christmas tree.

Thursday night we went to the "Jersey Boys" with a group of friends. We met for dinner before the show at Moxie's. Food was good, service was slow as our waiter was training someone. I wouldn't recommend doing that when you have a group that needs to be out at a certain time to catch the curtain call, but we all made it just in time. It was my third time seeing the show and Rob's second. I love the production and will see it at least one more time before the end of it's run.

Friday morning we had brunch at Cora's on our way to St. Jacob's for their "Sparkle Festival". The main street is beautifully decorated for the holiday season, the stores stay open later, many with specials and offering holiday treats like shortbread cookies and apple cider. We did lots of shopping and had dinner at Benjamin's before heading home.

Yesterday and today are spent at home getting ready for the return to the working world. I'm already looking forward to my two week break at Christmas.