Friday, July 30, 2021



First birthday cake on my actual birthday.

Last month I celebrated my 52nd birthday, which was also my 2nd Covid birthday, so things were not as per normal. For close to a decade now, I've been celebrating my birthday with my cousin/friend, Andi, who's birthday is only 3 days before mine. We have certain traditions we try hard to stick to. We go to their place, she cooks lobster for us and something else for the boys, and only twice have I not taken care of the cake. I like to take care of the cake.   

Last year, due to Covid restrictions, we exchanged cake and lobster in a parking lot and went home to enjoy our goodies on our own. We were able to get together in July, but it was not the same. This year we celebrated together, safely outside, and it felt almost normal. 

My birthday was on a Thursday this year, and I was working from home. I had a little celebration with Rob over my lunch break before he left for work. We had both booked the Friday off to make it a long weekend. 

Happy birthday to me!
On our Friday off  we went for a nature walk and enjoyed drinks and lunch on a patio for the first time in months! First time visiting Harper's Landing, won't be our last. 
We were thrilled to see some Bobolinks on our outing. 

Enjoying drinks on a restaurant patio!!!

My Martini of choice, Vodka, dirty with 3 olives.
 Dave and Andi came over on Saturday to enjoy a birthday celebration in the backyard, and it was lovely.

Balloons for a festive feeling.

Lobster for lunch for us girls!

Table for two.

For that festive feeling.
Birthday cakes!
I ordered two birthday cakes again this year, just in case it rained and we couldn't get together and I had to deliver one to Andi. Her's was salted caramel and mine was strawberry, real strawberries, so good! Her's was delicious too.

Birthday Cake #2. 
  It wasn't our "normal" birthday get together, but it was still lovely.