Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Rob was pretty excited about our visit.
Rob's drink of choice is whisky. He has a few favorites; Forty Creek, White Owl and Jack Daniels. These would probably be his top three and he drinks Forty Creek more than any other. I'm not even sure how he learned about Forty Creek Whisky, but he has been enjoying it for a few years now. It's made here in Ontario, and we have drove by the location where it is made numerous times without stopping in. On our way home from Niagara Falls a couple weeks ago we finally visited. We knew the tours weren't running that day, but we wanted to visit the gift store, and I'm so glad we did, and they probably were too!

Rob isn't a big drinker but enjoys a couple through-out the week. He has one every Wednesday after work, and "Whisky Wednesday" was born, much to the amusement of his Facebook friends. It's kind of taken on a life of it's own. Some nights others even join in an enjoy a drink themselves.

We spent quite a bit of time there chatting to the employees in the shop and learning about the product. I told them how I usually pick up a bottle of the special reserve blends for Rob every Christmas, and have tried some of the recipes on their website, to great success and I even caramelize onions with it. We will definitely be returning for a tour and maybe even attend one of their Whisky Weekends held in September.

The tasting bar in the gift shop.
We tried a couple blends. Just a couple, Rob was driving.
Me browsing the shop. We picked up quite a few things. It was fun to spoil Rob.
Rob in his new jersey about to enjoy a drink.
When he gets a new bottle of a blend he's never had before we always do a shot together, straight, it's tradition. Cheers!

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