Thursday, November 5, 2015


Dressed as a "Hogwarts" teacher.
Rob and I love Halloween. We enjoy dressing up, putting up decorations and giving candy to the trick or treaters. He had to work last year, so this year was extra special. Halloween is as much fun for the adults on our street as the kids. Most of the neighbors who hand out candy stay outside, and we all mix and mingle through out the evening. We also enjoy a few adult treats in the form of jello shooters and the like. The weather was great this year and fun was had by all!

Ready to hand out candy! 
Merry wanted a sniff of the goodies.
Merry wasn't scared of Rob's mask. 
Even Norbert got in the spirit.
Scary Rob! One little girl starting crying when she saw him.  
Our neighbor, Pat, loves Halloween.
Pat admiring Rob's new face.
The kids enjoy going to this house on our street.
The adults enjoy the jello shooters.
Me running around the neighborhood with a tray of jello shooters.
The "Zombie Disco" at the end of the street was a huge hit. 
Molly slept the evening away and Merry joined her once we went outside.
Feel free to stop by next year for some candy and a jello shooter! Hope you all had a "Happy Halloween"!

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