Friday, May 31, 2019


My first of the year Eastern Bluebird sighting wasn't until May 24th.
 Our other big day trip was on Friday, May 24th, when we visited The Carden Alvar area, near Kirkfield. Had some great sightings, including Eastern Meadowlarks and Bobolinks. 

I heard lots of Snipe, but only Rob saw this guy.  
Pair of Eastern Bluebirds, love the Prairie Smoke in the background.
I became quite enamored with these Steers for a while. 
Trying to make friends.
They followed me up the road til the fence ended after this. 
Spot the Eastern Bluebird!
Love the gorgeous blue on the Eastern Bluebirds!
And there goes an Eastern Meadowlark! We had many great looks at them and the Bobolinks.

Female Eastern Bluebird.
Savannah Sparrow.
New yard ornament being investigated by a backyard regular.
We stopped at the Kirkfield Restaurant on our way home for a late lunch. I fell in love with this little Buddha statue they were selling there, as it reminded me of the Buddha statue in the Flamingo Hotel's Wildlife Habitat in Las Vegas, where we visited often on our trip to watch the huumingbirds.

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