Tuesday, June 4, 2019


I missed this Canada Warbler, this visit.....
One of the highlights of our vacation for me came on our last day of vacation, May 20th. I finally got to see two of my most coveted warblers. The Canada Warbler and the Mourning Warbler. Neither were lifers, but the Canada Warbler is my favorite, and I've only seen a male Mourning Warbler once before, years ago.

We had visited this spot the day before, and though I had many fantastic views of lots of warblers, I missed them both, though Rob saw them. I knew I wanted to visit this spot early the next morning to see if I could see them before we went for our nature walk at another place, and success, I saw them both!

We had great views of this Canada Warbler on our last day of vacation.
Only my 2nd male Mourning Warbler! Thanks to our friend Dave, who was there too, for the pic.
We saw many Wilson's Warblers in this area.
 I was feeling pretty great after these sightings, so we headed off to our usual weekend nature walk spot. It's become a pretty regular weekend ritual for us to visit this area, usually on Sunday morning. It has a paved path, and it's a great start to my new "steps week", as I usually rack up anywhere between 6000 - 9000 steps on my Fitbit just on this walk alone. But the best part, we never know what we are going to see wildlife wise, and it's always a surprise, this day being no different.

Rob had seen them before here, but this was my first mink sighting here.
Lot's of butterflies around, like this "Question Mark" 
This coyote woke from his nap to watch us walk by.  
  Another great walk, and a great way to end our vacation!

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