Thursday, June 13, 2019


I had a very memorable 50th birthday weekend. 
My 50th birthday was Monday, June 10th, which I had off work. I had a fantastic birthday long weekend full of friends, family and fun.

It started when I got home from work Friday afternoon. Rob and I work different shifts and he wouldn't be home til later that evening. I came home to a very unlike Rob thing to do surprise!
He had put decorations up around the house!
I giggled like a fool when I saw what he had done.
What a lovely surprise to come home to!
The event that took place on Saturday, June 8th deserves a blog of it's own, but I will give you a little hint.
If you recognize this, you are going to LOVE my next blog post! 
Sunday, June 9th we had a lovely dinner with friends at Scaddabush. Amanda decked me out in a 50th birthday tiara and sash. It was decided at dinner that both items will be passed down to the next girlfriend in our little circle at their 50th birthday celebration.

Being treated like royalty! 
Rob had to work on my actual birthday, but we had a nice morning together and lunch. We had cake and I opened gifts.
My cute little birthday cake.
Molly wanted to help with the wish. Sorry Molly, it wasn't for cat food.
Rob surprised me again with the gift he gave me. It was a Swarovski figurine I fell in love with. He knew I wanted a memento gift this year. Something I could hold and remember my 50th, but I wasn't expecting this, it was a huge surprise. It is in a place where I will see it daily, and remind me to hang onto my childlike spirit and to appreciate the little things.
I've loved Winnie since I was a child, and still do.
 Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes, my 50th was truly fabulous!

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