Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Personalized drink coasters. 
Andi and I have been celebrating our birthdays together since 2013. This is only the second year that we've been celebrating since we found out we're actually related, you can read all about that discovery by clicking here.

Andi's birthday is June 7th, and mine the 10th. The celebration is pretty much the same year after year,  she cooks a fantastic lobster dinner, I normally take care of the cake, and we drink lots of wine and exchange gifts. We look forward to the annual gathering every June. This year was the second time her brother Paul and his lovely wife, Francoise, were able to join us.

This year was a milestone birthday for me, and Andi wanted to take care of everything. I knew something big was going on as soon as I walked up to the front door. I turned and looked at Rob, he said, "I know nothing", and then we went inside. She threw me a "Harry Potter" themed birthday party! Instead of me telling you all about it, why don't I show you.

I knew something was up, as these were on the front door.
Now, what's behind that curtain?
Honeydukes Candy Bar!
She made the Chocolate Frog boxes AND the Chocolate Frogs that were in them!
Touches of Harry Potter were everywhere!

These covered every light switch!
In the downstairs loo.
Also in the downstairs loo.
And in the upstairs loo....
Moaning Myrtle! Ha ha ha!!
The Kitchen became "The Leaky Cauldron"
Where we dined. 
Complete with floating candles!!!
The table settings were amazing!
And also personalized! We all sat in the appropriate House. 
Enjoying the feast!
The Harry Potter themed party was a surprise on it's own, but walking in and finding my bestie there with her husband just added another layer of surprise!

Surprise! Pat and Greg are here too!
Having a grand time!
A little back story before I get to the gifts. When Andi and I visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter back in 2014, we had a very indulgent experience. Fate, luck, or Andi's wandering where she shouldn't be, landed us having a private Ollivander's Wand Shop experience. That's right, just Andi, me, and the wand master! I wish we had it on video. The wand master gave us each a few wands, she settled on two, and then she asked us a few questions. Then she said "switch wands". As soon as we did, just like in the movie, the music started, the lights went up and the flowers grew in their pots! It was incredible. The wands chose us! And what did we do? We left without purchasing our wands, and I really don't remember why......

So if you haven't figured it out yet, when Andi found out a friends Mom was heading to Orlando a few months ago, she had her pick up our wands, as she had kept the paper work from our visit to Ollivander's Wand Shop to make sure we got the right ones . To quote Andi when I opened the gift of my wand, "I righted a wrong."

Andi and I playing with our wands. "Die Voldermort, die!" LOL! 
The second part of my gift brought me to tears. A wand holder, made by Andi's father, Charlie, who lives in Nova Scotia. This had been in the works since December! It is made from Nova Scotia Cherry Wood. As it says on the back of the holder; Inspiration by Dave. Design and lettering by Andi. Wood selection and milling by Charlie. What a thoughtful gift!! Andi also has a personalized wand holder as well.

My wand and personalized holder!
Trying very hard not to go into the ugly cry when I opened it.
Our shared birthday cake.
It may not of been a Harry Potter cake, but it was delicious and was decorated with 50 tiny edible candy butterflies. My 50th was both memorable and magical!

"What a beautiful place to be with friends." ~Dobby 


Eileen said...

Wow. I'm so jealous. I love her, she's a genius. It was perfect.
I would have ugly cried so hard, you know.

Nicole Corrado said...

Happy birthday to you both! Cool Harry Potter theme!