Friday, July 14, 2017


TTC Bus.
I moved to Toronto in March of 1989, and I have been a regular user of the TTC since that time. My daily commute to work for close to 9 years is catching the 79B bus at the end of my street, and taking it to Runnymede subway station, where I take the subway train downtown to work. Thousands of people do this every day, but I bet what happened to me today doesn't happen very often.

My bus came at 6:40am like every day, but when I got on, no one else was on the bus. I said to the driver, "I'm the only one?", which he replied with a half laugh, "I think a lot people took today off."

I went to my regular preferred seat, very back of the bus in the corner, assuming other riders would be joining me soon. This bus is usually very busy and sometimes standing room only. There are approximately 10 bus stops between mine and the subway station, and not one other person got on. I had the bus to myself the whole way to the subway! In over 20 years of using the TTC, that as never happened, and I told the driver that when I was getting off. He said it was a "special treat" and wished me a great weekend.

The whole bus to myself!
       It was the best bus ride ever! And I thoroughly enjoyed it, as it's not likely to happened again.

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