Monday, September 10, 2012


Having some fun with a pet bird, "Wheezy" at the "Hawk Watch"
Sunday morning found us in Scarborough as the sun was coming up to spend the morning at Rosetta McClain Gardens for "Hawk Watch".  It's beautiful spot to watch migrating raptors.

The winds weren't really great for migrating on Sunday, but lots of fellow bird enthusiasts were there! I usually only get out to the park once or twice while the watch is going on and I really enjoy my time there, as it's great to catch up with people I don't see often and meet new people as well.

We got to meet Jean Iron this visit! That would be like a Kiss fan meeting Gene Simmons, for a birder.

Despite the not great bird count, we had a great time and stayed hours longer then we planned on.

Please enjoy a few photos from the day.

Lot's of fellow "Bird Nerds" lingering about.
Monarchs were plenty at the park, I probably saw a hundred or more.
Always a treat to watch Hummingbirds buzzing about.
This Peregrine Falcon caused lots of excitement when he was spotted in the park.
The squirrels were around to see who had peanuts for them.
   We had a great time, and I'm envious of Rob who will get to spend some more time there next week when he's on vacation.

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