Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Our 2015 Christmas Tree.
We decided not to put up the large Christmas tree this year. With Merry & Molly still young, playful kittens, we decided we didn't need the bother of trying to keep them out of it or knocking it over.

I had bought a small table top tree for my office at work years ago, and decided that we would use that as our tree this year. I can honestly say the kittens didn't bother with it once, and I put it out well before Christmas, November 15th to be exact.

Sleeping in the glow of the Christmas tree.
Not having a large tree did cause one little issue....where to put the gifts? I got an idea from the toy drive at work. We wrapped the outside of a large box and kept it in the room our budgies sleep in. (Merry & Molly do not have access to this room). We put the gifts in there and brought it out Christmas morning.
Presents under the tree.
Molly was impressed with the large kitty toy.
They both preferred the box empty.
The Christmas box worked well, but I am looking forward to having a large Christmas tree again next year, even if it does mean a few broken ornaments and kitty chasing.

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