Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We had a very quiet and relaxing long weekend due to the fact that Rob is fighting a horrible cold/flu. We only left the house once on Saturday, in the morning to get groceries. We didn't leave the house at all Sunday except to sit in the backyard for a while.

Monday we decided to go out and enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather even though he wasn't feeling the greatest. We started with brunch at the Sunset Grill in Bloor West Village. It was ok, Dr. Generosity wasn't opened yet or we would of went there. Next we went to High Park for a walk. Below are pictures of some of the things we saw during our 2 hour stroll.

Female Swan sitting on her nest.

Pair of Wood Ducks.

Tree Swallow perched high above us, next to his house.

A grey female squirrel grateful for a peanut.

I found this sign interesting and amusing down at the small zoo in High Park.


Teena in Toronto said...

Too bad about Rob not feeling well :(

Good that you got out yesterday. Probably did him a world of good.

I love going to High Park just after the eggs have hatched. The little babies trying to keep up with their moms is so cute :)

Mom Knows Everything said...

Gorgeous pics! I hope he feels better soon! I got a head cold and it's driving me batty. :o(

Jo-Anne said...

Wishing Rob a truly speedy recovery!