Sunday, July 24, 2011


Homy of Princess Hair Salon and Spa. She's worth the drive to Richmond Hill!

When you have a good hairdresser and she moves locations, you follow her if you can, and I did exactly that when Homy, who was a five minute walk from my work in downtown Toronto went to a forty minute drive from my home to Richmond Hill.

I remember when I found out Homy had left the place I had been seeing her for five years. What was I to do? She is the only hairdresser I had ever seen who didn't tell me I needed to wear my hair short because it's fine, and she also had always given me the best colors and highlights.

Luckily Homy and I had become Facebook friends and I was able to ask her where she was working and was thrilled for her when I found out she had opened her own salon!

I asked Rob if he would start taking me for my appointments and he agreed. He's found a place to go birding up that way while I get my hair done, but he's also started to go see Homy too, when in need of a trim.

We were both there on Saturday and have made our next appointments for September.

Bye-bye roots!

Rob thoroughly enjoyed the scalp massage.

Homy bringing out Rob's curls.

See you in September Homy!

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