Thursday, March 22, 2012


Me with Alexandra, a female Great Horned Owl.

This was our second year volunteering at "The Canadian Peregrine Foundation" booth at the Toronto Sportmen's Show. We enjoy being so close with the birds, but we also enjoy answering questions and spreading the word and knowledge about the Canadian Peregrine Foundation and species at risk.

Personally, my favorite part is when I see children walking towards the booth, and their eyes light up like Christmas morning when they see the birds!

"Solo", a male Bald Eagle, makes a good poster boy.

Rob sharing his knowledge.

"Kyla" is a female Kestrel, the smallest of the falcon family.

"Boo" is an European Eagle Owl (not native to Canada, but related to our Great Horned Owls) and generated a lot of excitement because of his gorgeous orange eyes.

All the attention tired him out!

It is a true privilege to get to be so close to these beautiful birds of prey and we're glad we could help.

For more information on The Canadian Peregrine Foundation, including; school visits, adoptions, nest site sponsorship and upcoming events, please click here.

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