Friday, February 8, 2013


The backyard at 4pm this afternoon.
It's been a while since Toronto has seen this much snow get dumped at once, about 5 years I think. But it started coming down in the early morning hours and it is still coming down.

With the storm this morning came a migraine and I was late getting up.  I missed an opportunity to get a drive into work with a co-worker so I went out to wait for my bus after getting ready for work.

I waited for a bus that never came, called my boss, and after talking to him decided to take an unpaid "snow day", and that was fine by me.

After returning home I took some migraine medication and laid down on the couch to watch the chaos on the 24 hour news channel. The roads and travel were a nightmare, I was glad I decided to stay home.

I enjoyed watching the snow fall all day through the comfort of my kitchen window, the only thing that would of made it better is if Rob could of stayed home too. 

Our backyard ornamental Owls got buried.

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Teena in Toronto said...

I worked from home today and stayed inside.