Thursday, March 14, 2013


Only my 2nd time seeing Short-eared Owls in the wild.
A couple weekends ago, Rob and I went out with our friends, Dave and Andi, on a day long birding trip that ended with a fantastic dinner at Jake's Grill in Burlington.

We birded parts of south western Ontario and did most of our birding by car. All photos in this blog were taken by Andi while sitting in the car. She got some great shots!

First time seeing a Horned Lark this winter!
We saw many Horned Larks and the biggest flock of Snow Buntings we've ever seen. We also had amazing views of a juvenile Bald Eagle and Rob and I had a lifer with Tundra Swans.

Always fun to see Wild Turkeys!
A herd of deer grazing along the highway.
Ok, the deer aren't birds, but we saw the largest herd of deer driving back home that any of us had ever seen, probably over 40 in total. We had to stop to have a look!

It was a great day and who knew you could see so many great birds just sitting in your car!


troutbirder said...

Looks like you all had a fun outing. I wish I could find owls. The little screech owl is gorgeous...:)

Anonymous said...

wow..what great shots...she must of had a great teacher

Holly, Ashley, Shelby