Thursday, October 17, 2013


Being silly at the Woodbridge Fall Fair.
We had a busy but fun-filled Thanksgiving weekend. Saturday morning we visited Hobbitstee, Toggenburgs and Wildlife Refuge. Though not open to the public, we are helping with a fundraiser next month and needed to pick up a few things. And of course we had a visit with the founder, Chantal and a few of the resident animals. 

"Molly" is the friendliest Donkey, and comes to meet you. 
"Grump" is super friendly too, and loves to be scratched and petted.
I got to name the newest educational animal, a groundhog, meet "Bilbo!"
Molly and the Toggenburg Goats hanging out.

After our visit there we stopped for a late lunch/early dinner at one of my favorite places to eat, Jake's, in Burlington, it's right off the highway which makes it convenient.  

Saturday evening we enjoyed sitting out in the backyard under the stars enjoying a few drinks. It was nice not to have to worry about mosquitoes.

We had some company Saturday evening in the backyard.
Sunday morning we visited the "Woodbridge Fall Fair". It was raining but we went anyway and made the best of it. We enjoyed looking at the exhibits and the baking contest winner displays made me hungry! Our main reason for going was because we knew the Canadian Peregrine Foundation had a booth there, as Rob had volunteered with them there the last two years.

Meeting "Tiguaq" for the first time. (Male Snowy Owl)
  I was surprised when Marion said we could "pet" the newest member of the CPF's educational bird team. We don't normally pet the birds, but Tig, as he is already known, is young, and new, and this would help him get use to people (the CPF's volunteers) handling him and also to the crowds looking at him and taking pictures. As Tiguaq matures he will lose most of his black spotting and be almost pure white. The females remain black speckled as adults.

Alexandra is an old pro at these shows. (Female Great Horned Owl)
It's awesome to see these amazing birds up close. This is Nova, a Peregrine Falcon.
I see Seamus everyday, as his sponsorship certificate is on our fridge.
   We had a great visit at the fair and the CPF booth, and I grabbed a fair staple on the way out, a cotton candy!

Sunday afternoon was the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with Rob's family. I hadn't been for Thanksgiving dinner in two years, so it was nice to be there this year.

The holiday Monday was a quiet day spent at home, just the way we planned.

Even Misfit slept in on the holiday Monday!! (she sleeps on her swing)
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Rob said...

It was a great long weekend!

I wish we had more of them. :)