Monday, November 18, 2013


A budgie trying to survive outside.
If this past week had a theme at our house, it would of been "Wildlife Rescue Week".
Rob got wind of an escaped budgie early in the week in the east end of the city and intervened quickly.

The older gentleman was just going to let nature take it's course. He had been watching this pretty blue budgie fly around his yard for over 2 months, and never once made an attempt to catch it. We think he enjoyed having the bird live in his yard, but with the colder weather coming, it would not have survivied, and he allowed Rob to help. The home owner plucked it from the bush it was sleeping in Thursday night and put it in the cage Rob and leant them and it spent the night in the home owner's garage.

Rob went to pick it up on Friday. Budgie is a girl, and the little blue budgie came to our house for a night. Rob had already put the word out on Facebook and other social media that we needed a home for another escaped budgie, as we are at our limit with two, both backyard rescues. I need to blog about my thoughts all these escaped non-native birds.

Anyway, I am thrilled to say that before we went to bed Friday night, we had a home for the little blue budgie, and not just a home, a fantastic home!! With someone who had other birds, and has had birds for years, and was thrilled to have her. What a relief! We delivered her on Saturday afternoon and finally met someone we had been wanting to meet in person for a couple years! It's a good feeling when you can find an escaped or unwanted animal a home, but when you KNOW without a doubt that the animal is going to a great home, it's a great feeling!  "Belle", as she has been named is settling in wonderfully in her new home and no longer has to worry about the cold weather or fighting the House Sparrows for food.

Hanging with the Sparrows.
 Next up we have "Sideways Sam", a grey Squirrel that calls our yard home, and I hope he gets to again. Rob noticed him a couple weeks ago, because one of his eyes was partially shut, and his balance wasn't great. At first we just monitored him to see if he was getting better or worse.

He started to get worse, and the decision was made to try to capture him. His balance was getting worse and watching him fall off the deck was only comical once, as it was truly heartbreaking to watch him try to survive. He was only half the size of the other squirrels. No matter how many peanuts Rob fed him, he wasn't putting on any winter weight.

Sunday morning, a very hungry Sam was captured in the live trap Rob had borrowed from Toronto Wildlife Centre. I stood in the kitchen window and cried like a baby when I saw him in the trap. I was crying because of how sick and scared he was, and also because I don't know if we will see him again. As Rob left with him for the centre, I was still crying. We don't know what is wrong with him, or if he can be cured. But, I do know, that whatever they decide at the TWC, it will be for the best, because Sam was suffering terribly, so I will be ok with whatever happens. To read more about Sam, check out Rob's latest blog here.

"Sideways Sam", we hope to see you again.


Encaustics, Acrylics and other media said...

Poor little Sam. But how wonderful that "Belle" was caught/saved and delivered to a happy new home - honestly, you two are such kind critter-loving/saving humans! Right on! and thanks!

WendyCarole said...

Poor Sam. So glad the budgie has got a good hopme :)