Thursday, March 12, 2015


He's in good hands now!

This past Sunday, Rob and I transported two little Eastern Screech Owls to The Owl Foundation. It was only my second time doing this, the first being a Snowy Owl on our first wedding anniversary, November 30th, 2013.

This winter has been hard on the little owls, but thankfully, neither of these two had any serious injuries, and after being at the Toronto Wildlife Centre since the end of February they moved to The Owl Foundation to continue their recovery. They will eventually be released back to the areas from which they came. 

This was Rob's 5th owl run, and he had been invited in to see an examination before, but because I hadn't, Stacy asked us to come in. I wasn't expecting this, as I know how busy they can be at times. It was interesting to watch and I was very thankful for the experience. During the second exam I even got to rub one of their bellies!! Well, I was actually feeling his keel, how they determine fat percentage. He was a good weight, at 186 grams. During most of the examinations I just stood in the corner and giggled like an idiot.

We were also lucky enough to have a small visit with Kay (The founder of the foundation) while she enjoyed her lunch, surrounded by five adoring cats and her main squeeze, Big Bird.

Big Bird enjoying the sun through a window.

After we left the house we walked over to have a look at one of their resident Great Horned Owls, "Big Red", she's a foster owl and was given her first owlet of the season a few days earlier. Rob had actually delivered the little guy a week prior, who unfortunately fell from his nest, and it was just to high up to get him back in. The good news is, because of The Owl Foundation, this little guy will be raised by a Great Horned Owl, who couldn't be let free due to her injury, but still has all her motherly skills, Big Red will raise him, and he'll be released back to the wild with all the knowledge he'll need.

Big Red sitting on her "baby".
This is the baby Great Horned Owl being weighed a week earlier. Big Red will raise him well.
 When we were leaving we got a glimpse of "our" snowy, who is still recovering from her injuries, but is doing well and hopefully will be released.
Our Snowy.
 I was filled with a joyful feeling when we were driving away, knowing that we had helped these owls in some small way. Rob signing up as a volunteer driver for the Toronto Wildlife Centre and the Owl Foundation has been very emotionally rewarding for us, and we're always happy to help when we can.

If you'd like to find out more about The Owl Foundation click here. Sponsorship makes a wonderful and unique gift for a loved one,or yourself! And it includes an invitation for 2 to their annual Fall Open House, where you will see some of their resident owls and learn more about this amazing place.

FOOT NOTE: After we left TWC on Sunday, I was reading the paperwork on the owls. One of them had a name I recognized, she would be releasing one of the owls. I sent her a message, telling her what was going on and she quickly got back to me. She sent me a message yesterday letting me know that The Owl Foundation had contacted her about picking up the owl and releasing it! You can check out her wonderful wildlife blog by clicking here

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Jennifer Howard said...

Angie this is amazing. What a wonderful story. I am so anxious to see my little screech when she is ready to go. Thank you.