Thursday, June 18, 2015


I do love my birthday!
Today I received a couple birthday cards in the mail from my nieces. See? Even my family members know I celebrate my birthday all month! And a co-worker treated me to a birthday lunch today as well!

Last weekend was back to back celebration dinners, and gifts. I still haven't had "my" birthday cake yet, I think we're taking care of that this weekend. We only get one go around on this planet, might as well celebrate it .

Birthday dinner with a few girlfriends Friday night.
We lingered over a 3 hour dinner at Villa's Restuarant.
Making a wish
Gifts from Rob, family and friends. I'm pretty spoiled!
Trying out my new "Butterfly Binoculars" from Rob!
Saturday night we went out to dinner with Jim and Lynda. It's become a bit of tradition to go to Lucy's Seafood Kitchen every June, where we celebrate both mine and Jim's birthday. His is June 30th. I meant to take a picture of Jim and I celebrating, but I only managed to take a picture of the oysters I ordered.

I enjoyed these all alone, as no one else likes them.
  Still more celebrating to come.......

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Walter Fisher said...

Happy Belated Birthday Angie!!!

I'm seeing some pretty nice gifts there including a fabulous pair of bins! I love mine and use them all the time. I'm sure we'll see you and Rob this fall at Rosetta with them in-hand for all the bugs.

All the best!