Friday, August 14, 2015


A few weeks ago Rob introduced Merry & Molly to our favorite window in the house, the kitchen window. It over looks the backyard and we often refer to it as nature TV.

They were instantly hooked on our favorite channel and look forward to the shutters being opened every morning. The can easily pass away hours watching the birds and squirrels out there, and sometimes fall asleep on the window ledge.

We do plan to take them outside next Spring, like we did Meadow. They will be on a harness and leash, and also supervised. I only hope they will be as good as Meadow was out there, she preferred to chase the squirrels, not catch them and she never caught a bird, or really tried either, she was more like Garfield in that sense. 

For now, Merry & Molly can enjoy the view through the window and dream of the adventures yet to come.

Rob experimented with black and white settings.
OH! What are they?!
Wow, I can't wait to get out there!
Wondering why they can't be with us.
All that stimulation is exhausting.
Don't worry girls, it will be time for you to go out there with us soon enough.

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