Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Hand feeding Chickadee's on a snowy New Years Day.
All I requested for the first day of the new year was to go somewhere to hand feed some Chickadee's. Rob happily made that happen.

I hadn't been out birding since May. We adopted Merry & Molly in June, and they kept us staying pretty close to home all summer, as well as the summer bird visitors we have. I was quite content to stay home and enjoy the backyard. But then summer was over, and then Fall, we were into winter and I still hadn't been out. It was time.

I forgot how much I enjoyed it, I forgot how spirit nurturing being in nature is, and I forgot how much I needed it.

We didn't add any lifers to our list, or see any rarities that day, but there is truly something magical about having those little ball of feathers land in your hand for a treat.

There were quite a few around that day to feed. 
That "Chickadee Feeling!"
There he goes!
This White-breasted Nuthatch landed in my hand a few times for seed too.
The Cardinals looked stunning with the snowy back drop.
Chickadee Selfie!
I'm looking forward to getting out again soon!

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