Tuesday, April 12, 2016


She loved the backyard, even on a leash. 
I've always believed that everything happens for a reason, even the crap. April 12th, 2015 was a hard day. It was the day we ended Meadow's suffering due to kidney cancer. The loss of Meadow was the hardest thing Rob and I have ever gone through as a couple, that may sound strange to some, but it's true. I loved Meadow, but Rob and her had a special bond, and I had been privy to it for over 11 years, so I knew how hard her loss was going to be on him. I grieved for me, but my heart was also aching for him.

The next few weeks were hard, but knowing that we did what was best for her helped us cope with the loss. I remember we kept her food dishes out for over a month, because neither one of us were ready to put them away. It was a comfort for us to see them in there spot. We talked about her when we needed to, we looked at loads of pics and shared memories of her. We talked about ways we could honor her. We decided our Christmas card for 2015 would be a pic of her, and we had a special Meadow calendar made for us.

Our 2015 Christmas card.
She was a princess.
We still talk about Meadow all the time, she's still a huge part of our lives, just not physically. We will always love her and she will always be a part of our lives. It was hard to let her go, but it was harder to see her suffer. Rob did a nice tribute blog to her today.

We had no plans to get another cat, I honestly didn't think we would have another fur baby in this house for a few years. We most certainly weren't thinking about any new additions on that day, but little did we know, that a couple weeks after Meadow's passing, a couple little kitties were being born that were going to need a new family after a rough start in the world. I couldn't stop thinking about these two little kittens, and so after being fur free for a little over 2 months, we brought them home and I like to think Meadow would be just fine with that.

Looking out the upstairs window.
No Meadow, we can't plant you, you are one of a kind.
At peace. 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

This made me emotional...the bond we have with our pets is so strong, isn't it? They are truly family...

Beautifully written.

Angie in T.O. said...

Thank you so much for your comment. Knowing I made somebody feel something with my writing is the highest compliment you could give me, and I think that's easiest to do when you speak from the heart. Thank you.