Thursday, September 8, 2016


Sunflowers made a pretty picnic table centerpiece.
Rob and I had a lovely long weekend. The weather was great, and it was the perfect balance of friends, time at home, and a little road trip.

Saturday afternoon our friends, Dave and Andi, joined us for a BBQ. Lots of food, drink and merriment. They had to leave around dusk due to an early start the next day, and missed the wildlife show that took place soon after.

A skunk parade!
   Sunday had Rob and I heading west late morning on a little road trip. First stop, Weir's Lane Lavender.  I love lavender and have been wanting to visit for a few years now.

Field of lavender, unfortunately not in bloom, we'll try to catch that next year.
KITCHEN TIP; - Use dried Lavender in place of Rosemary or Tyme in recipes, they are from the same herb family
Honey hives at the farm, the bees pollinate the lavender.
See the bees?
Best smelling port-a-potty ever! Smelled like lavender.
Goodies purchased; bath salts, honey, chutney, and soap! 
Time for lunch! We went to a German restaurant in Hamilton that we recently found out about.  Black Forest Inn has been around since 1967 and Rob was very excited about checking it out! It was very authentic, and I know we will be returning.  
Rob and our friendly waitress, Dimitra.
On our way back home we made a quick stop at Spring Ridge Farm to pick up a few things. We love their Dill & Garlic Salad Dressing, and a Peach & Raspberry Pie came home with us too.
Giddy up!
 It was our first time road tripping in a couple years, we really enjoyed it, but as always, we're always happy to return home.

The holiday Monday was mainly spent in our favorite hang-out, the backyard. It was the last day of the CNE and also the Air Show. We always hear lots of noise as we aren't far from the airport, and sometimes we get some good looks.

We were treated to a great fly-by of the Snow Birds!
First time out birding in 4 months due to a knee issue.
We hope you enjoyed your last long weekend of the summer as much as we enjoyed ours.

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Dave said...

I enjoy reading about your trips. We like to do day tripping as well.