Friday, March 23, 2018


Delicious cake for coffee break.
We had a very busy but fun-filled St. Patrick's Day. It fell on a Saturday this year, and it was also the day of the Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society's 30th Annual General Meeting, an all day event.

The meeting had some great presentations this year. One on an incubation and release program for Ontario turtles, one on Chimney Swifts, and the last talk of the day was on the return of the Piping Plovers  to the Great Lakes after a 30 year absence and the struggle that continues for them. This talk was very moving and I plan on writing a blog about it in the next couple weeks.

It was another great meeting with a good turnout and educational talks.

Love seeing friends at the meeting and making new ones. 
Very honored to be apart of the Executive Board of the OEBS. 
      On our way home from the meeting we stopped into my cousin Andi's place for dinner. I kinda invited myself when I found out she was making Corn Beef and Cabbage. YUM! We enjoyed a hearty dinner, Irish music and a couple drinks. It was the perfect end to a great day.

We got into the spirit of the day!  
Shamrock sugar cookies for dessert! Dave INSISTED on adding his Owl cookies to the plate.
Wonder what we'll get up to next year.

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