Monday, April 30, 2018


A Painted Turtle enjoying the warmth of the sun April 29th, 2018.

The calendar in our kitchen states Spring arrived on March 20th, the fact I was wearing my winter coat Saturday evening tells another story. I don't remember another April where "Old Man Winter" and "Mother Nature" have battled so ferociously. 

Neither Rob or I had to deal with a cold or flu like illness all winter, but this month, we both battled what I consider a winter bug a week apart. And then there was the ice storm the weekend of April 14th. It felt like Spring was never truly going to arrive. Then, low and behold, one week after the ice storm, the sun finally came out, and it warmed up a little. Rob and I got out for our first real Spring walk together on April 22nd.

My first Tree Swallow sighting for the year. April 22nd.
We saw many Tree Sparrows on our outing. April 22nd. 
The highlight of this outing, a baby Screech Owl with a parent. April 22nd.
Just when we thought the Spring like weather had finally arrived, we were dealt another round of below normal temperatures this past Saturday. We did go out for an evening walk since the rain finally stopped, but I was wearing my winter coat against the bitter cold wind.

Thankfully the sun decided to show itself again on Sunday and we visited three different parks after having breakfast with friends. It was so pleasant to feel the sun on our faces, and with bird migration well under way, it was hard to go back inside.

We saw 8 Great Egrets this past weekend. April 29th.
We saw many Ruby-crowned Kinglets on Sunday April 29th.
A first year Night Heron gave us quite a flight show. April 29th
My first warbler of the year, a Yellow-rump. April 29th. 
Tomorrow is the first day of May, and I think the warmer temperatures are finally here to stay. Rob, myself and the migrating birds are happy about that! And just in time for our vacation which starts Friday. Happy Spring! Happy Birding!

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Tammie said...

Okay, so Night Heron, Egret & Screechies are on my 'Rob & Angie' list!!!
:) :) :)