Friday, August 24, 2018


This cutie has been making our backyard her home for a good month now. 
Summer isn't my favorite season of the year, but even I am having a hard time believing this is the last full weekend of August. This summer has seemed to have flown by!  The last couple weekends have been blissful, warm temperatures with little humidity. We spent the majority of our time right in our own backyard, enjoying the weather and the wildlife that make our backyard their home. 

Where we spend the majority of our summer weekends.

Watching the Hummingbirds is always entertaining. We have four around regularly. 

The slinky keeps the Squirrels from climbing the pole. 

Rob isn't a cook, but he gives the BBQ a good work out!
I finally stayed up past 10pm last Saturday night and got to see some of the backyard night life!
Our "old man" Raccoon, who Rob calls "Bear".  
Finally got to see the skunks!
The ground level birdbath serves as a hand washing station every night for these guys.
We tried our hand at "mothing" last Saturday night.
But they were more interested in the grape jelly for the Baltimore Orioles than the white sheet.
We also had some nice sightings on last Sunday morning's nature walk.

We saw four American Kestrels on our outing. 
Love seeing/hearing the Belted Kingfishers. 
It was my first time seeing a White-tailed deer in the area. 
 The last couple weekends have been awesome, I hope September is just as great.

Heimlich Update!

Heimlich cocooned over night last night! He'll spend the next 9 months or so in his cocoon. We will move him outside when the weather changes, he needs to experience the seasons. We will keep him protected from predators during this time. Another update when we move him outside.

A snug little bug in his leaf rug! 
My favorite picture of Heimlich taken last week. I love his suction cup toes!  

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