Friday, January 25, 2019


Snow caps for our owl lawn ornaments. 
Last weekend was Toronto's first real taste of wintry weather this season. Thankful that the bitter cold, high winds and snow arrived on a weekend when we didn't have to work, our vehicle didn't leave the driveway.

We mostly enjoyed the weather from inside the house. The cats enjoyed having us inside with them for most of the weekend and provided entertainment when they weren't napping. As always, the view from the kitchen window into our backyard provides nature TV, as Rob kept the feeders well stocked for the birds, and provided some goodies for the squirrels.

All in all, we had an enjoyable weekend. Marvel movies were watched, hot chocolate was drank and snow angels were made.

Woke up Sunday to a winter wonderland in the backyard.
This Coopers Hawk enjoyed our backyard and a couple Pigeons over the weekend. 
You're never too old to make a snow angel!
All done.
I just need help getting up now! LOL!!!

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