Monday, August 31, 2020


A skunk exploring our backyard.  
Covid19 has affected most areas of our lives, but I'm grateful that it has not affected our backyard, except in a positive way, I'm able to spend more time back there.

Four things happen in our backyard every August that let us know that summer is quickly coming to an end and the fall season is a mere few weeks away.

1. These beautiful yellow flowers bloom along the fence.

They are called Jerusalem Artichoke, a part of the sunflower family.
We hear the roots are edible, but we prefer the Goldfinches eating the seeds.
 2. The Ruby-throated Hummingbird population increases in our yard. We usually have a couple adults with us through-out the summer, but in August we start seeing juveniles as well.

A juvenile fueling up for his first trip south.

3. Skunks make our backyard their favorite hang out! (Good thing we don't mind them)

Checking out the flowers.
Three of the sometimes five that have been around.
Walking through the pollinator garden.
Our ground bird baths become the skunks local watering hole.
I posted this one because I think it's pretty.
They all seem quite happy in our backyard! 
4. The Baltimore Orioles who arrive in May disappear around the end of June or so and reappear in August with the families they have raised.

Papa (top middle) over seeing 3 feeding.
Two enjoying a bath while Papa watches. 
 We're pretty sure we had three families of Baltimore Orioles this year, as we had a dozen in the yard a few times including three adult males.

It's been a great summer in our backyard for the wildlife and for us. 

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Judy said...

I enjoy watching the birds. We had a raccoon visit last summer and there was a possum one morning when I was up early but most of our wildlife is squirrels and an occasional rabbit. I'm not so sure I would be happy with that many skunks but the pictures are cute.

(Thanks for the family info. Small world. My daughter and I had planned to spend a week in RH in May but of course that was cancelled.)