Friday, October 8, 2021



A raccoon enjoying the decor in our backyard.  

Here we are well into October and I haven't blogged since July!  August was pretty quiet, our free time was spent in the backyard and we enjoyed a weekly nature walk to various parks where we never knew what we would encounter.   

Butterflies at  The Riverwood Conservancy.

A Ruby-throated Hummingbird in the backyard. 

Enjoying a walk in a lake front park.

Bullfrogs were a surprise on the lake front outing. There were quite a few of them. 

I can hear their croak in  my head looking at these pics.

One of a few skunks who enjoy our backyard.

This Chipmunk entertained us much of the summer.

A sign summer is coming to an end when the Goldfinches start eating the Jerusalem Artichoke flowers. 

So adorable.

September was a little more exciting. After our birthday gathering in June, Andi and I decided we needed to have lobster together more then once a year, so the first annual "September Seafood Feast" was held on the long weekend. And what a feast it was!

Now, that's a shrimp! First course.
Mussels in a garlic wine sauce. Second course.

The main event! 

Rob also caught up to me in age last month. We both had his birthday off work, and enjoyed a lovely nature walk and picked up schnitzel and pierogies from V's Schnitzel House for dinner. 

Still a hottie at 52!

We had a vacation week towards the end of the month. It was mostly a stay-cation, but we did do one overnight to Niagara Falls. It was a much needed getaway, as we hadn't had one in almost a year. We also enjoyed a lot of nature walks, and some delicious meals at some local restaurants. Oh, and we also saw our first owl of the 2021 Fall birding season, which started September 1st. 

We stayed at the Fallsview Casino Resort.

Views from our room. 

We enjoyed a lively and very enjoyable dinner at Margaritaville, did some shopping and I won all the money back in the casino playing the slots that Rob lost. It was a nice getaway.

Our first owl of the Fall 2021 birding season! An Eastern Screech.

 I hope you enjoyed catching up with me!

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Judy said...

As always, your pictures are lovely. I would enjoy watching a chipmunk too but we have many squirrels here to entertain us.

Happy Thanksgiving.