Saturday, January 29, 2022



A special cake for a special dinner.

Here it is the end of January and I'm just getting around to doing a blog about Christmas. Unfortunately, Rob and I both had Covid19 to welcome the new year, he brought it home from work the end of December. It's taken a few weeks to get my energy back. But, enough about that, this blog is about our almost normal Christmas. 

We were once again able to join my cousin and her husband for our Christmas gathering a week before Christmas. She always cooks a delicious feast and I bring dessert. Since we didn't get together to do this in 2020, I wanted a show stopper of  a cake for our dessert on December 18th, and Cake Stars delivered! 

Together at Xmas time again!

Since we haven't had a big Xmas tree since adopting Merry & Molly, I always enjoy Dave and Andi's tree when we are there. It was a very enjoyable evening, wonderful meal, drinks, and gift exchange.  

Their gorgeous Xmas tree.

Closer look at the edible Cardinal.

If I know Andi, the fondant Cardinal is in her freezer, as he was "too pretty" to eat.

We couldn't stop staring at this cake, it was like a work of art!

Closer to Christmas I did my Christmas baking, Cherry Balls, Candy Cane Blossoms, and Short Bread Cookies. The bounty went to co-workers, friends and neighbors.

Shortbread Cookies ready for the oven.

I carried on the Christmas Eve Lobster Chowder tradition even though I was the only one to enjoy it. I made a half pot, and it was delicious!

It's not Xmas if I don't make Lobster Chowder.

Santa found Rob and I again, and after an enjoyable Christmas morning at home we went over to his parents for Christmas dinner with his family. They don't like picture taking, so I have none to share, but we enjoyed dinner and being together again.

My haul from Santa.

Rob's haul from Santa.

Sugar Cookies for Dolce Custom Cookies.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas too!

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